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Alan Berg’s attorney and friend David Savitz -- Who was Alan Berg‘s best friend?

Troubadour Dave Gunders brings us perfect song for troubled times, Looking Down. Fellas discuss January 6 Trump Insurrection trauma, and review hit movie, Don’t Look Up. The boys discuss why Joe Rogan is popular podcaster but bad guy for giving forum to despicable Alex Jones. Troubadour suggests more love than hate.

Ross Carlson, age 19, shot his parents to death in 1983. Attorney David Savitz, with aid of his mentor, legendary Denver lawyer Walter Gerash, remarkably defended the orphaned only child. This case fascinated Colorado and so does sensational Savitz book about the experience, Just in the Nick of Time,

Savitz is remarkable storyteller. This accomplished Colorado lawyer describes what he learned about multiple personality disorders and the mental health of America right now. David Savitz knew very well Alan Berg, and he knows Peter Boyles, and Savitz describes true relations between them, and how he knows.

Sad straight line from scum who murdered Alan Berg to Charlottesville and Trump’s January 6 Insurrection/Coup is explored and explained. President Biden came to Colorado the day after laying the wood to the defeated former president. We have SML Schumer sound calling out the threat – bigotry. Call it out!

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