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Aurora Madness, Sadness, and Inability to Talk

Aurora Colorado has once again experienced violent atrocities. Recent shootings at or near Aurora high schools are terrifying. Omar Montgomery leads Aurora’s chapter of the NAACP and was almost elected Mayor of Aurora. Listen to Omar’s optimism and answers for Aurora, Colorado, and America.

710 KNUS broadcasts from Aurora but got sued in Denver District Court for disseminating Trump’s Big Lie & Insurrection. Now they cannot talk about much of anything! We have the sound showing Salem Media hosts are not allowed to discuss lawsuit or important Trump topics. Peter Boyles, Steffan Tubbs, and Salem Media get boiled with their own sound.

Special Thanksgiving weekend show features entire Silverman family with young Samuel interviewing his father in Craig’s Lawyers Lounge, guitar riffs by older son Benjamin and sweet voiceover work by Mama Trish. Our Troubadour Dave Gunders performs “I Give Thanks.” So do the Silvermans.

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Dec 08, 2021

You are dead on in your comments about Steffan Tubbs, Craig. I've been listening to his show from the beginning, and he's just terrible. An intellectual lightweight, he's repetitive and sadly lacking in the ability to think on his feet. His "whoopie cushion" sounds and silly stuff like "Friday movie review" are evidence that his show isn't powered by conversation. But really the absolute pinnacle of his abject lack of skill and judgement, was the Covid thing. Anyone else would have been able to wangle "permission" from the men behind the curtain to at least say, don't end up like me, get the vax! But he takes it even a step beyond being a proud white denier, causing peo…

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