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Black History

Thank goodness for black people. Good luck to trailblazing Vice President Kamala Harris. Donald Trump would still be president but for African American voters and leaders who saved us from that scourge.

African Americans have played a key role in my life. Velveta Golightly-Howell was my classmate and friend at the Denver DA’s Office forty years ago. After her incredible career, and numerous awards, I finally get Vel in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge for an amazing interview about her trailblazing life growing up in Alabama and dedicated life of public service for Denver, Colorado, and America.

Vel and I got to work with legendary KKK fighting Judge O. Otto Moore who was Assistant District Attorney (1973-1983) under our boss, Denver DA Dale Tooley. Through the Denver Public Library, I discovered an amazing 1962 interview of Judge Moore and play for you the highlights. It is great to posthumously honor the great Ostis “O” Otto Moore in a special edition of Craig‘s Lawyers’ Lounge.

Former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh provides a great opening interview. We discuss the upcoming Senate impeachment trial and deserved condemnation of bigoted and kooky Congresswoman Taylor-Greene (Q-GA). Is the former Illinois conservative Congressman contemplating a move to Colorado to challenge Rep. Lauren Boebert (Q-CO)? Hear for yourself.

Dave Gunders, our Troubadour, has a sensational song for Black History month. Come Down Miss Lizzy tells the story of a working farmer seeking the company and love of a Creole working woman in New Orleans in 1799.

And finally, the show pays tribute to imprisoned Russian politician, Alexey Navalny. His words of courage while being sentenced to prison are inspirational, heartbreaking and must be heard.

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