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Boulder DA

Boulder DA. Michael Dougherty has that big job now, and he discusses maintaining office camaraderie in these pandemic times. This veteran prosecutor started as a line deputy in his native New York City. Mike worked with legendary Manhattan DAs Morgenthau and Vance and discusses role of his old office in current Trump-related investigations.

There’s plenty to discuss about Boulder, Colorado. There have been three recent murder cases. Gun safety is a priority. Colorado’s Red Flag law has been in effect long enough to discuss whether it is working well. And it is. We talk about whether term limits for prosecutors and sheriffs is wise. Capital punishment is discussed, as is the January 6 insurrection.

Mike Dougherty talks about Boulder’s only 1996 homicide, the heinous murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Find out the JonBenet book Stan Garnett suggested his successor read to help get up to speed on the case. Other Colorado cold cases are getting solved.

The Boulder DA agrees Joker should be MVP. And both Dougherty and Silverman households want Comcast and Altitude to solve its Nuggets broadcast problems forthwith. Find out if Boulder DA staff can bet on games and/or consume MJ since both now legal in Colorado.

Dave Gunders is more than familiar with Boulder, Colorado and various vices. Boulder, Colorado is s where our Troubadour met his Ska brother, Tommy, better known as T. Listen to our Troubadour wail out his birthday bromance tribute to his CU-Boulder buddy T as he sings My Ska Brother.

Michael Bailey is the end-of-life lawyer for the Silverman family and he gives excellent interview in his return to Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge. Mike referees high school basketball and does so wearing a mask these days. That has not stopped well warranted technical fouls from being called. More T talk time as Mike Bailey returns to the Lounge.

Our final feature is Dave and Craig Review the Movies segment in which Gunders and Silverman respectively see a favorite movie and find out if the other agrees. This week’s movie, recommended by Dave, is the drama Trumbo (starring Bryan Cranston). Dave watched Craig’s favorite comedy, The Heartbreak Kid (starring Charles Grodin). It is fun to hear friends agree -- and disagree.

The Craig Silverman Show, every Saturday morning, 9- noon Colorado time --- performed this week in warm gray long-sleeved Jokic for MVP T-shirt I got at

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