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Boyles' Capitulation.

Democracies are messy and need constant attention. America and Israel are at crossroads. Benjamin Netanyahu is on his way out but can still cause problems remaining leader of a minority party while battling criminal prosecutions. Bibi’s also got rabid followers. Sound familiar?

Former Colorado State Rep. Victor Mitchell was a Republican stalwart from a conservative district. Vic has big plans on how to improve Colorado, America, and the world. You may be surprised to learn Vic is now a proud Jew with plans to become an Israeli.

Vic discusses this with his friend, Colorado Democratic stalwart Ken Toltz who ran competitively against Tom Tancredo in 2000. Now, Ken lives and broadcasts from Israel. We have a lively discussion about America, Israel, Bibi, Trump, tennis, best voting systems and being Jews.

Mark Harris is an accomplished civil defense lawyer who refuses to capitulate to the NRA and RMGO who want all sorts of high-powered weaponry to flood Colorado and America. A board member for Colorado Ceasefire, Harris will impress you in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge. Mark argues a tipping point has been reached.

My ongoing series exposing the mendacity of Denver Trump Radio brings you sound of Peter Boyles capitulating to Randy Corporon on Trump’s Big Lie. It is sad and illuminating end to a long radio career. Going out as a partisan hack for Trump’s GOP.

Listen as Boyles cites his friendships with police as motivation to stop calling out Trump lies. Then listen to the famous Denver case where black police sued Boyles leading to remarkable Colorado appellate decisions recounting Boyles’ disparagement of black Denver cops. It makes for fascinating reading at 9 P.3d 1106 (2000) and 99 P.3d 75 (2004).

Boyles, fearing he’d be sued, called bullshit on Big Lie, but now, after belittling by Corporon and his crowd, Boyles declared he’s done with topic. Corporon tells Boyles the Big Lie issue is not going away. Some people (Corporon) built the Big Lie which Denver Trump Radio sells. Listen to Boyles’ capitulation. When you admit you censor yourself, you are through as broadcaster.

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