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Boyles’ Capitulation Reversed.

Kudos to Peter Boyles. This Denver Trump Radio leader has turned 180° on Trump and it is wonderful. Realizing Trump’s Big Lie is preposterous and seeing his radio station and colleagues sued for millions, Peter Boyles has turned on Trump, reversing his June decision to stay Big Lie silent and capitulate.

Professor Alexander Theodoridis is our star guest, but he was first on The Peter Boyles Show twice this January, including on Insurrection Day. This U Mass academic is a polling expert and understands hyper-partisanship and its horrible anti-democracy outcomes. Theodoridis is brilliantly outspoken on bad effect of Trump’s Big Lie on America.

A Charlottesville native, Professor Theodoridis discusses his upbringing, the Unite the Right rally in his hometown, and the racism and anti-Semitism endemic to Trumpism. We learn through his polling of powerful stranglehold Trumpism has on GOP. The White Power roots of Trump’s most zealous and beloved backers is explored.

Episode 81 revisits Episode 48 titled Boyles’ Capitulation, to bring you Boyles’ prior pitiful June 2021 surrender to Randy Corporon, But thank goodness Peter Boyles has reversed his capitulation! Boyles now telling the truth about Trump’s Big Lie, and realizing it was just one part of sprawling Trump criminal conspiracy.

Ideally, many people will change their minds about Donald Trump. Troubadour Dave Gunders has the perfect song once again called Just Try Me, in which the singer wonders how long it will take for a person to change her mind. Boyles Show listeners changing their minds would be great way for America to back away from this cold civil war.

May truths long continue to dominate the airwaves of America. The Craig Silverman Show. Saturday mornings 9 a.m. Colorado time.

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