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Chris Vanderveen

Is the pandemic over? Not hardly, says 9News’ chief Covid correspondent Chris Vanderveen. But we are at a new stage and Chris explains why. Approaching his 20th anniversary at the station, this Denver native recalls his admiration for news in general and especially 9News. Chris describes some of his colleagues, including Kyle Clark, Cheryl Preheim, and Tom Costello.

Chris has covered horrific mass shootings, excessive medical billings, and dangerous usages of police force. A Boettcher Scholar out of Denver’s Thomas Jefferson High School, Chris demonstrates wisdom talking about modern media, threats encouraged by Tucker Carlson types, conspiracy theories, and what will happen now that 9News has been sold.

Management changes at 9News are upcoming, and this award-winning journalist makes a strong case for why Colorado’s News Leader should stick with promoting from within. You can’t get more Denver, Colorado than Chris Vanderveen, Director of Special Projects at Colorado’s most popular TV news station. Enjoy listening to this accomplished Colorado journalist.

Michael Bailey returns to Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge talking about his nice year refereeing high school basketball. Estate planning tips are provided as Michael notes more people are getting the urge for personal meetings with him. Learn about Michael’s experiences as a missionary on the Russia/Ukraine border. Find out about pet trusts and the wisdom of having a lawyer double-check your plans.

Troubadour Dave Gunders entertains with his fascinating song, Whatever the Future May Bring, which is a prayer for hope and faith. Dave discusses his recent trip with the host to Denver’s Babi Yar Park. There's larger meaning of this memorial and his song given Putin’s barbarous attack on Ukraine.

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