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Colorado Springs!

Colorado Springs. She’s my old college town and she runs right through this episode like the coal train running next to I-25. Henry Sachs lived in Colorado Springs less than a hundred years ago and this show is dedicated to him and Civil War hero General William Palmer.

Carol McKinley is a professional journalist and a former Big 8 pentathlete for CU. This Buff track team captain is special guest, describing her days in Boulder at KBCO, in Denver at KOA, & her gigs at FNC, ABC, & elsewhere.

Carol describes covering Balloon Boy and JonBenet stories, with latest updates on both cases. Carol just wrote a wonderful Colorado Sun story about the Brown Bombers who dominated Colorado Springs muni league baseball in 1949-50, and how they broke Colorado racial barriers.

Colorado Springs was home to Henry Sachs, a successful Jewish businessman, who befriended black families in the 1920s. And vice versa. Mr. Sachs paid for Effie Strand to attend Colorado College and his Foundation has paid the way for many more black students to attend college. Listen to fascinating Ben Ralston, President of Sachs Foundation Colorado.

Legendary Denver Judge Gary Jackson was one such Sachs scholarship recipient and he has paid it forward by being Colorado’s premier advocate for judicial diversity. This Denver native and first black deputy DA in Denver also knew O. Otto Moore, our mentor who battled the Klan in Denver. He returns to Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge.

Colorado College and Colorado Springs make one think of coal trains moving north to Denver and south to Texas. Poor Texas is dealing with Colorado type snow and old energy, like coal, that is failing. Coal Train Love is the perfect song about imperfect love. Listen to fun story behind the song from our Troubadour Dave Gunders.

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