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Craig votes Joe O’Dea, Judith Berg remembers Alan Berg

Joe O’Dea has an excellent chance to be Colorado’s next U.S. Senator and would instantly become a powerful person in America. This affable native Denverite is a serious challenger to incumbent Senator Michael Bennet but first he must survive a Republican primary against mega-MAGA State Senator Ron Hanks.

Listen and learn why Joe O’Dea gets Craig’s Unaffiliated vote in the GOP primary. Joe O’Dea correctly anticipates the end of Roe v Wade will be bad for America. Joe also calls out the Big Lie and will not toe Trump’s party line. He’s a successful businessman and boss. Colorado needs a responsible GOP.

Unlike many Republicans engaged in willful blindness, Joe O’Dea may call out Team Trump criminality if proven by the January 6 Select Congressional Committee. Hear the highlights from the J6 hearing showing Proud Boy conspiracy with Team Trump, a $250 million dollar grift, and 45’s attempted murder of VP Pence.

America has had enough violence born of the Big Lie, yet the lie is perpetuated constantly on right wing Denver Trump Radio. We’ve got the sound of Joe O’Dea standing up to Dan Caplis regarding abortion. We acquaint you with J6 witnesses Nick Quested, Officer Caroline Edwards and Philadelphian Al Schmidt.

June 18, 1984 was tragic for Colorado and America. A white supremacist gang conspired to assassinate Jewish radio talk show host Alan Berg in the 1400 block of Denver’s Adams Street. An assault weapon was used to commit the hate crime.

Judith Berg is a nationally recognized expert about the study of hate. The former wife of Alan Berg, she’d been at dinner with her beloved Alan 38 years ago tonight, right before he was murdered.

Judith describes Alan as a beautiful Chicago boy at CU-Boulder who came down to her Denver Hilltop home to woo her, then Judith Halpern, still at East High. Love and marriage followed. Learn about the delight Alan felt to be part of Denver famous Bernie and Lily Halpern household.

Listen as Judith reacts bitterly to Peter Boyles, who has long claimed to be best friends with the late Alan Berg. Raw emotion is on display as memories flood back to this accomplished academic. She abhors Peter Boyles and you can hear the reasons she gives in this captivating interview.

This show has covered 6.18.84 murder of Alan Berg with an emphasis on understanding who truly were Alan’s friends. Check out Episode 70 - Alan Berg, Al Zinn, Stephen Singular, Harold Dubinski -- Who was Alan Berg‘s best friend? Listen to Episode 78 Alan Berg’s attorney/friend David Savitz.

Peter Boyles' last few years previous subject of Episode #48 – Boyles Capitulation, #64 – Colorado Insurrectionists and #81 -- Boyles’ Capitulation Reversed. Points made regarding Boyles’ apparent anti-Semitism. Figure out why Boyles delighted in calling Colorado’s first Jewish Governor “Pontius Polis.”

Listen at end of show for Boyles, back in November 2019, invoking “honor in the name of Alan Berg” after MAGA station management stopped host from criticizing Donald Trump. Hear Boyles delight in calling station’s only Jewish radio host “Craig Kaepernick.” Hmmm.

Troubadour Dave Gunders takes a stab at doing the show introduction and has humorous difficulties. He contributes a great song about overcoming obstacles titled Only a Rock in the Road.

The Craig Silverman Show every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Colorado time.

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