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Deal-Breaking Bullsh*t (Profanity Warning – Big Lie Cursing)

Episode 84 featuring Pam Anderson, Matt Crane, and new segment called Right Wing Radio Watch. Plus Troubadour Dave Gunders with his song, Don’t Buy on Credit.

Since Trump’s Big Lie, leading to January 6, 2021 riot, supporting former president is a deal-breaker in a lot of relationships. Trump sycophants in GOP and right-wing media are ruinous for America. Trumpism demands we lose faith in elections essential to true democracy.

Election pros like former two-term Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder Pam Anderson are essential now. Pam’s running to become Colorado’s next Secretary of State. But will Pam stand up to Tina Peters and Trumpian election chicanery? How can Pam be better Big Lie fighter than current SOS Jena Griswold?

Get to know Pam Anderson in this candid interview. Learn Pam’s pride in her family’s political and law enforcement roots. She wants to bring integrity and honor to Colorado voting. And she’s in Colorado’s hottest primary race versus Tina Peters. Find out how Pam reacted to January 6.

Matt Crane served with distinction six years as Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder until Trump’s toxicity cost him re-election in 2018. Matt is respected and honest, and now heads up Colorado Clerk’s Association. Listen to Matt Crane call out Colorado’s Big Liars and take apart their conspiracy theories.

Right Wing Radio Watch features shocking sound from Ryan Schuling, filling in for Dan Caplis, advocating Canada-style truck blockading in America. Never in my memory has 630KHOW’s afternoon show been sullied the way Schuling did on February 11, 2022. Listen and evaluate for your own self.

Other soundbites galore this amazing radio week as Peter Boyles declared his opposition to name-calling! Attorney hosts demanded names of protesting teachers so they can be confronted in volatile Douglas County, home of George Brauchler pals like Joe Oltmann. We’ve got Kyle Clark sound and our own analysis.

The Craig Silverman Show – every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Colorado Time.

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Feb 23, 2022

Craig, possibly your best ever show. Pam Anderson was great - as a Jeffco resident, I admire her and would consider voting for her (even though Ms. Griswold is doing a fantastic job). Matt Crane, also good - but jeez louise, I reckon even an honorable Republican like him has to do a little bit of the Trump shuffle to be relevant. Too bad he couldn't give a full-throated condemnation of clowns like Tina Peters, but oh well. Most of all, I LOVE your Right-Wing Radio Watch segment!! Please include it every week. I'm a big listener of AM talk radio. My secret hope is that truth-telling talking heads be allowed again, someday, to be present on the Denver ai…

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