• Craig Silverman

Denver Streets

Holly Street runs north-south through metro Denver. I’ve always lived within walking distance of Holly, but miles south of 34th and Holly in Park Hill. I knew about the Holly Shopping Center from growing up in Denver, and from working as a Denver prosecutor for sixteen years.

Julian Rubinstein has authored The Holly: Five Bullets, One Gun, and the Struggle to Save an American Neighborhood. It’s a compelling story about former gang member Terrence Roberts and the history of Park Hill, Denver, gangs, cops and USA. There’s never been a book quite like this about Denver.

Bill Buckley was a legendary Denver Chief Deputy DA who prosecuted for 26 years and showed me some ropes. Buckley reminisces about mean streets of Denver, including his responding to the 12-10-75 murder of DPD Homicide Detective Don DeBruno on Broadway. We talk about Denver crimes back in the day.

Buckley prosecuted 56 murder cases including the United Bank Massacre (Father’s Day 1991), also on Broadway. Ex DPD Sgt. Jim King was put on trial and acquitted but Buckley still argues King’s guilty. James Lowe was found guilty of horrible 6-26-79 murder on West Quincy Avenue at Pinehurst CC in Denver, a case Buckley brings to dramatic life.

Troubadour Dave Gunders sings sweet sad song about leaving one’s homeland, chased out by events. Louisiana Goodbye speaks of lost communities and struggles to reclaim homes. Some seek to reclaim history. We discuss The Alamo and whole lot more. Key to history is to get the facts straight.

Peter Boyles rarely gets his facts straight. In a further takedown of this bad historian, we play sound of Boyles claiming governmental treatment of Christian baker Jack Phillips is Nazi-like. But Boyles lies. His views are skewed. We’ve got the sound.

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