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Episode 100 – Kyle Clark

Kyle Clark is Colorado’s most important and impactful journalist. Next with Kyle Clark is Colorado’s must-watch newscast. Kyle’s Word of Thanks campaign just celebrated its 100th week and has raised over nine million dollars for worthy non-profits. No one better for our 100th show.

9News is Colorado’s news leader for a reason and those reasons are discussed. Some of Kyle’s teammates are celebrated. Kyle Clark, a straight Caucasian family man, has become a target of right-wing wrath. We discuss willingness and courage of Kyle and his colleagues to confront bigotries in our community.

The many Coloradans connected to Trump’s Big Lie and the January 6 Insurrection are named and shamed. Discussed is the role of broadcasters who won’t cover the J6 Committee and the obvious conspiracy and coordination between Team Trump and the Proud Boys.

We discuss the difficulties of functioning with disparate facts and the importance of trusted news sources. There is danger that goes with speaking truths authoritarians dislike. Family and parental considerations come into play. If talented honest news people leave, then our democracy is further lost.

“It’s the guns,” Kyle Clark correctly claimed immediately after the Uvalde massacre. In bonus segment, the despicable assault weapon slaughters of Isabella Thallas (6-10-20) and Alan Berg (6-18-84) are remembered. This show dedicated to Bella and Alan.

The first round of the January 6 Select Committee hearing on Thursday night was significant. America has a new hero named Officer Caroline Edwards. We now know Trump conspired with Proud Boys who served as his stormtroopers. Host gut-reacts to Day One hearing.

Troubadour Dave Gunders helps open this century show with his classic song, Impossible Happiness, which perfectly encapsulates these fraught times. Maybe we are just going through a little rough patch. The first 100 shows have been terrific. More to come.

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