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Episode 109 - Adam Frisch

Rundown - Adam Frisch - 05:48 Right Wing Media Watch - 01:35:44 Troubadour Dave Gunders - 01:58:38 "Regrets" by Dave Gunders - 02:12:18 Hear it here first. Adam Frisch is going to beat Lauren Boebert this November. He’s strong and calm. She’s insecure and frantic. He’s got the smarts. She’s got a Twitter account dedicated to dividing people. On Nov. 8, votes will be divided between these two. He’ll win. Lauren Boebert will lose as the walls come tumbling down around her hero, disgraced Dondald Trump, now suspected of espionage. CD3 is a largely rural district and Frisch has the winning message. Forget Trumpism. Boebert is just bad at her job, plus she’s pro-Putin. Frisch will be an excellent Representative. Educated at CU in business and political science, he amassed wealth as a world-wide traveling financier, paid handsomely for his ability to get along with people. He had a Minnesota upbringing and loving parents. Frisch waited tables before making it big in NYC. Close brushes with East Coast terrorism, and the desire to raise his family in a better place, led Frisch back to Colorado. He served with distinction on Aspen’s City Council. He’s really Unaffiliated. Adam Frisch makes his strong case. Right Wing Media Watch segment analyzes the Mar-a-Lago FBI search, and Trump’s invocation of the 5th hundreds of times at a sworn deposition. Analysis of the same events by Dan Caplis played, and analyzed. Talk radio without real conversations is horrible, and authoritarian. Troubadour Dave Gunders delivers a great discussion of a recent Red Rocks experience and what song he might play there. His song of the week, Regrets, is perfect for DJT (and Red Rocks). Trump did it all for greed, as the song says.

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