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Episode 110 - Professor Albert Alschuler convicts Donald Trump of Insurrection

Rundown - Troubadour Dave Gunders - 06:00 "I'm So Shy" by The Skatterbrains - 26:17 Professor Albert Alschuler in Craig's Lawyers' Lounge - 31:15 Craig Presents Liz Cheney Concession Speech - 01:47:49 The most impactful and important instructor in host’s educational career was CU Law Criminal Law and Procedure Professor Albert Alschuler. A Harvard Law grad, Alschuler went on to become a renowned professor at University of Chicago Law. In his first podcast ever, Professor Alschuler regales the audience with stories about his heritage, teaching law at Texas, CU, and Chicago. Learn about famous attorneys he’s encountered along the way, such as Scalia, Dershowitz, Kagan, Obama, etc. This colorful criminal law professor has identified the perfect charge against Trump. Listen to why Insurrection a.k.a. Rebellion 18 U.S. Code § 2383 fits like a glove, and is ideal for securing J6 justice. Merrick Garland seems shy about bringing charges and making public statements. Trump’s in criminal peril now for J6, Mar-a-Lago docs, GA crimes, and NY frauds. Perhaps Merrick Garland will throw the book at 45 in due time. Troubadour Dave Gunders has perfect song named “I’m So Shy;” we now dedicate to America’s Attorney General. The Skaatterbrains made this Gunders’ composed classic back when host was finishing CU Law in Boulder. Jenna Ellis tweeted this week how Rachel Maddow is unattractive, unlike her conservative female colleagues and her own “hot” self. LOL. We discuss. Jenna Ellis is going to Lindell’s weekend grifting election integrity symposium on her way to GA under subpoena. Jail to follow?

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