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Episode 111 – – COLFAX – featuring Jonny Barber

Schuyler Colfax was a descendant of Revolutionary War heroes, and himself an American hero and abolitionist. A confidante of Abe Lincoln, Speaker of the House Colfax was sent to Colorado with Abe’s hopes Colorado would join the Union. Indeed, Colfax so impressed Denverites, they renamed Grand Avenue for him.

Jonny Barber came to Colorado via accomplished Mormon family lineage of California, Utah and Nevada fame. When Jonny came to Colorado, he fell in love with Colfax and the Lions Lair, where he performed as a musician, and watched others perform, up and down Colfax. Jonny’s performed at the Bluebird, Fillmore, the Satire Lounge, and Red Rocks.

Now, Barber is curator of the Colfax Museum which has gone through many different incarnations, but has emerged spectacularly in the History Colorado museum in central Denver.

This is a special name-dropping episode recounting famous Colfax visitors such as Jack Kerouac, Bob Dylan, the Smothers Brothers, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Chief Jerry Kennedy, Bo Cottrell and the Lawmen, Frank Sinatra Jr., Walt Conley, Pope John Paul II, Sid King, Pete Contos, and Gene Amole.

We talk about famous restaurants, dive bars, entertainment venues, fishing ponds, basilicas, government buildings, mom and pop stores, porn shops, pot stores, liquor stores, meat markets, car dealerships and every possible den of iniquity dotting America’s longest commercial retail road.

This show is for anybody who wants some Colfax history. We talk about all things Colfax because Colfax represents life, Colorado, America, the good, the bad and the ugly. Colfax Avenue is US Highway 40, running straight from Atlantic City, through Strasburg, Aurora, Denver, Lakewood, Golden, and onto San Francisco.

As Donald Trump is now further revealed to be a traitorous criminal, the GOP still sticks with 45 like stinky poo on one’s shoe. As for our show Troubadour Dave Gunders, he’s not getting caught up believing anybody’s alternative facts, he’d rather be right, as proved by his anti-cult, anti-lie song, named Rather be Right.

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