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Episode 112 - Eli Bremer – Rock Ribbed Republican rips Colorado GOP snake oil salesmen

At Independence Hall in Philadelphia, President Joe Biden told the world what this podcast knows – Trump and MAGA threaten America. There are authoritarians among us who will do Trump’s dirty bidding. Some do it for money. Some do it for racism.

Peter Boyles is planning a return to radio. He’s taking @710KNUS spot at 9 a.m. Saturday mornings. In the opening monologue, Boyles’ return contemplated, with poached sponsors, host-ripping, and Trump backpedaling. Entertainment, intrigue and implosions to follow.

Boyles is a bigot who capitulated to Randy Corporon, as documented on Ep. 48 and then Boyles flip-flopped, as chronicled on Ep. 81. On Ep. 101, Judith Berg told world that Boyles called her the K-word in a dispute after bigots killed her former husband, Alan Berg.

It was Peter Boyles who hosted Joe Oltmann twice right after 2020 election to advance Trump’s Big Lie. His pal Randy Corporon helped orchestrate. Will Boyles have the guts to rip Joe Oltmann or will he avoid hot topics as other #DenverTrumpRadio hosts do? Eli Bremer pulls no punches on Corporon and Oltmann.

Want to grow to be a GOP stalwart? Start with a conservative Christian American family, move them to Colorado Springs, have the children homeschooled, listen to Limbaugh, and then attend the Air Force Academy. That is our esteemed guest, Eli Bremer.

This rock-ribbed Republican is an American Olympian and NBC sports commentator. Bremer is nephew of Ambassador Paul Bremer and also has a prominent attorney father. In 2022, Eli Bremer, a Colorado Springs resident, tried to win the GOP nomination for United States Senate but lost to Joe O’Dea. He also lost to GOP dirty tricks.

Bremer tells the inside story of Colorado state GOP politics. Find out what Ken Buck and Randy Corporon and their accomplices did to turn the Colorado GOP into a MAGA subsidiary, replete with conspiracy theories about rigged elections, as set forth by the likes of Corporon and Oltmann.

Listen to the entire Eli Bremer interview to hear full castigation of Colorado party politics, and leaders who’ve bought into the “election-rigging bullshit.” But then, listen to hear Eli Bremer discuss the responsibility of America’s 45th president. The discussion gets heated.

The dialogue with vacationing Troubadour Dave Gunders is always fun and entertaining, especially when he gets philosophical about traveling America. This American Dream by Dave Gunders is a haunting song of America, and an American man, in desperate times.

The Craig Silverman Show Every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Colorado time

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