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Episode 113 Hard Hitting Colorado -- Bronco Steve Busick and Custer County newsman Jordan Hedberg

It is Denver Broncos’ season. For pro football stars like Russell Wilson, Denver has become the place to play. Former Broncos’ linebacker Steve Busick, who won Rose Bowls and national championships at USC, joins our show to talk football.

As an LA kid growing up with a tough Marine dad and even tougher mother, Steve Busick describes life at USC including encounters with OJ Simpson, Marcus Allen, Ronnie Lott, and others. And wait till you hear of Steve’s encounter with Muhammad Ali at LA’s Wilshire Hotel.

Drafted in Dan Reeves’ first draft class, Steve Busick wore #58 playing alongside Bronce greats Bob Swenson, Tom Jackson, Randy Gradishar and Jim Ryan. Broncos won big as John Elway hit his stride in the mid-1980’s. Steve Busick explains why he and other Broncos stay in Denver to raise their families.

Jordan Hedberg is a rural Coloradan. He’s a Westcliffe, Colorado dude which means he lives in remote Custer County. As a kid, Jordan Hedberg tells us he lived in Boulder and attended the same elementary school as Burke and JonBenet Ramsey. Not only that, they were friends.

Listen to Jordan, publisher of the Wet Mountain Tribune, and you may want to visit Custer County. Or perhaps not. It is scenic but mega-MAGA. Jordan Hedberg tells us Linda Stanley won the 11th Judicial District DA job just by toting an AR-15. We discuss DA Stanley’s Barry Morphew murder case mistakes leading to dismissal.

Jordan Hedberg’s newspaper has a rich history – delivering a piece of the Wet Mountain Valley since 1883 - and was recently featured on 9News. There’s a beef with the county commissioners and now, allegations of retaliation.

Dave Gunders gifts us with his blues song, Too Many Drivers, and explains how it is about infidelity. This deep song gives many meanings to the word Drive, but since it is football season and we’re talking Broncos, Remember The Drive in Cleveland. This hard hitting episode is fit for football season.

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