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Episode 114 - Amber McReynolds

U.S. Postal Service Governor Amber McReynolds is a foremost expert on democracy. She has studied election systems throughout the world and implemented tremendous electoral reforms in Denver. Her systems were so good that Colorado followed suit.

White male Christian Republicans do not like too many people voting. When too many people vote, Republicans lose in Colorado and they know that. MAGA world knows that too so we have Trump, Lindell, Peters, Boebert, Ellis and their enablers cry foul.

Colorado has gold standard voting because of the leadership of Amber McReynolds who served as Denver’s Director of Elections until 2018. This election administration expert favors mailed ballots that can be traced. Colorado’s voting process is time tested and safe.

Dominion Voting Systems was well known and respected by election pros. McReynolds responds to the bogus claims against Eric Coomer and this company once headquartered in Denver, and defamed by MAGA-world.

Amber is good friends with Adam Kinzinger who she met when they both were Illinois collegians. 9-11-01 separated them as did the wars that followed. Amber got her Masters at London School of Economics. Adam became a GOP Rep from Illinois.

Democracy is at stake and Amber McReynolds refuses to stand by silently. Listen to her harsh response to Trump's big election lie which led to the January 6 insurrection. Election workers are under threat thanks to MAGA world and the refusal of most Republicans to condemn.

Watch Amber McReynolds’ viral Ted talk video on voting and you’ll see the brilliant woman who provides this entertaining podcast. How can it be she’s not a regular guest when election integrity the issue, as opposed to Jenna Ellis types?

The problem is right wing media has become a megaphone for MAGA propaganda and dares not air the truth about air-tight elections which produced Joe Biden. Thank goodness President Biden saw fit to appoint Amber McReynolds, a political independent, to the USPS Board of Governors.

Meanwhile, Colorado’s most famous person in Congress, Lauren Boebert, embraces the Big Lie and Christian nationalism. That does not bother broadcaster Dan Caplis who disparaged the Denver Post’s big story (now on Drudge) explaining Boebert’s religiosity and how it impacts her politics, and our American democracy.

Not only does Dan Caplis cheerlead for Boebert, he engages in a laughter-filled conversation with her about how ridiculous these media allegations are. Similar laughter occurs as Caplis and GOP gubernatorial nominee Heidi Ganahl discuss whether Gov. Polis is a mega-wimp or a Karen. The homophobia is appalling.

The dangers of Christian nationalism in America are apparent and must be called out. #DenverTrumpRadio is dominated by this anti-gay Christian nationalism that is ruinous for democracy, Colorado and America. Our Right Wing Media Watch calls out Mike Lindell and the other grifters enabling 45’s Big Lie.

Troubadour Dave Gunders delivers his infectious song, Crazy for You, perfect for the MAGA-cult crowd as embodied by grifting Christian Mike Lindell. Current events like the tightening criminal case against 45 and his mobster mates are always good fodder for this podcast, which has the Colorado roots of the Big Lie covered.

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