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Episode 118 Luke Cranor indicts John Kellner; George Brauchler indicts Steve Wells

Northern Colorado lucky land inheritor Steve Wells brags about spending $11 million dollars to help the GOP defeat Colorado Governor Jared Polis and Attorney General Phil Weiser. He hired George Brauchler to do voiceover. Brauchler reciprocates by praising Wells’ ads against Weiser.

One huge problem though. As demonstrated with sound, Wells’ ad distorts Weiser’s voice. Listen to the evidence. They sped Weiser's voice up to make him sound effeminate and high pitched. Brauchler got beat by Weiser for AG four years ago. Brauchler backs John Kellner, his 18th JD DA successor, to take AG out now.

The Brauchler/Kellner/Wells campaign attacks AG Weiser as ineffectual when it comes to crimes afflicting Colorado such as car thefts, fentanyl, and road rage. Colorado voters are right to worry about crime but the best crime-fighters should be on the field fighting crime in the courts of Colorado’s biggest cities.

Is John Kellner doing a good job fighting crime in the 18th Judicial District? Colorado’s most populous judicial district contains Parker, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, most of Aurora, and many more municipalities. Crime is up there and most places. But with regard to road rage, how has Kellner performed?

On 2-26-22, Luke Cranor was a law abiding father returning with wife and daughters from an evening of mini-golf when he encountered an aggressive driver going east on County Line Road. The lady grew furious at Luke who had passed her prior to them reaching a red light. That’s when the lady hit Luke’s new truck from behind.

Luke got out of his truck to examine the damage. He looked at the raging woman and watched in horror as she re-initiated further contact, repeatedly ramming his new truck with his family inside. Luke got a video of the woman and her Jeep and the license plate before he got back in his car and called x911.

Then the lady took off, east on County Line, trying to shake Luke Cranor who was following her and alerting various jurisdictions as they passed through. Fortunately and finally, dutiful Douglas County Sheriffs pulled over the lady. You can watch what happened next right here.

The lady produced her Parker Colorado police credential; she was their victim-advocate and told many different stories. After first denying she consumed alcohol, she admitted to margarita drinking at Los Dos Potrillos. After first falsely accusing Luke Cranor of backing into her at that red light on County Line Road, she admitted that was wrong.

DCSD charged the lady via summons and complaint with Reckless Driving, Criminal Mischief and Hit & Run. Weeks later, Luke Cranor was shocked to learn John Kellner’s DA’s Office dismissed the case without even speaking to him. Cranor pushed back to a deputy DA, and when not satisfied, Luke Cranor had a recorded phone call with one of Kellner’s senior supervising prosecutors.

Road rage is horrible. Colorado has the third highest rate of any state in the nation according to radio host George Brauchler, former 18th JD DA, and predecessor/mentor of John Kellner. DA-Elect Kellner was a terrific guest on Episode 24 of this show.

Brauchler put on a noteworthy hour a few weeks ago in which he and his listeners condemned Road Rage and the liberals who were deemed most at fault. Luke Cranor is no liberal. He’s a Missouri conservative who favors law and order candidates.

Luke Cranor is outraged at what he regards as John Kellner’s refusal to right this wrong of letting the connected lady road rager off. He’s been protesting at AG candidate debates. Listen to Luke Cranor and decide if he is correct or John Kellner is correct about how to handle this lady’s road rage.

Show Troubadour Dave Gunders always delivers with his original music and produces the especially apt and fun song called Tarred and Feathered, referencing an old form of punitive justice since abandoned. Mess with a fathers’ wife and daughters and most good men will react – as has Luke Cranor.

Law and order is on the table as Dave Gunders and the host discuss the latest January 6 Committee hearing and the subpoena of the former president who led the coup/insurrection and still leads the Republican party of which Brauchler and Kellner are members. Can the Rule of Law survive the MAGA-party? Doubtful. Can the Rule of Law defeat MAGA? Hope so.

The Craig Silverman Show Every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Colorado time

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