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Episode 119 Silence is Sinful - featuring Joe O’Dea, Steve Durham and Rabbi Rheins’ sermon

OMG. The social posts are disturbing. From Kanye. From 45. From Elon. From GOP House Judiciary too. Jews are “death con 3” targets and told to become like Evangelicals before it is too late. GOP response has been muted. Fealty to 45 or what?

Renowned Colorado Rabbi Rick Rheins, wonderful guest on Episode 88, gave this show permission to amplify his Kol Nidre sermon titled Silence is Sinful. The wise Rabbi explains why it is vital to stand up to bigotry, especially now. This podcast does so.

GOP stalwart Steve Durham is insistent Colorado students be taught that Nazis were socialists.Steve Durham, served Colorado as a state Rep, Senator, and is now on the Board of Education.He also worked for Ronald Reagan.

An enlightening discussion follows. Senator Durham and I heard each other out in a respectful manner. History is an important part of making sure deadly errors are identified so they can be avoided. But this show tells truth. Nazis come from the political right.

Joe O’Dea is not a bigot and he goes much further than most in condemning Donald Trump for his bigotry. Last weekend, 45 smeared “American Jews” and “big mouth” Joe O’Dea for insufficient fealty. On national shows and now, going his farthest yet, Joe O’Dea fires back at 45.

Troubadour and Host opine about the threat posed by bigots. We discuss Kanye, Pete Davidson, refugees, Billy Joel, and the lyrics behind the Dave Gunders’ amazing and timely song, Strangers in a Strange Land.

The Craig Silverman Show Every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Colorado time

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