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Episode 120 – The Holly – featuring Terrance Roberts and author Julian Rubinstein

The Holly is an acclaimed book by Julian Rubinstein now made into a documentary which will be the featured film at the Denver Film Festival at the Ellie Caulkins’ Theater.

Julian Rubenstein returns after his fascinating first interview on Ep. 49 when we discussed his new book, The Holly. This page-turning true Denver Park Hill crime story is a court drama too.

The star of The Holly is former Bloods gang member Terrance Roberts who explains why he joined a gang, how he beat his attempted murder rap in Denver, and the reasons he should be elected this spring of 2023 to be Denver's next Mayor.

We discuss relations between blacks and Jews in light of Kanye West and Donald Trump antisemitism controversies. Political violence is discussed with Roberts who led George Floyd and Elijah McClain protests. Now, Roberts gives us behind the scenes insights into those events.

Dave Gunders gets this excellent episode going with a song about crime at a Holly coffee shop named Bill B and the Fair Skinned Girl. Show Troubadour and host gut react to the hammer attack on Paul Pelosi and the Musk takeover of Twitter.

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