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Episode 121 Looking Down featuring filmmaker Ari Folman, Rev. Gino Geraci; and Remembering Bella

Show begins with rundown of 11-4-22 sentencing of monstrous man who murdered Isabella Thallas and gravely wounded Darian Simon. Michael Close was sentenced to Life plus 48 years by Judge Lisa Arnold and the courtroom scene is described. Find out the chilling words spoken Friday afternoon in Denver District Courtroom 5A.

Are we on the threshold of widespread political violence in America? Is this unique to USA or is something going on all around the world as climate change and new economic realities roil societies? Social media, especially Twitter (Elon Musk), plays its role, and is examined.

Filmmaker Ari Folman directed the Oscar-nominated animated documentary film,Waltz with Bashir (2008). Folman's latest project is another animated film based on the life of Anne Frank during the Holocaust, named Where Is Anne Frank? We discuss the return of Bibi Netanyahu and whether he’s on the take.

Folman’s movie, Where is Anne Frank?, is being distributed worldwide and been purchased by many countries but not by USA, Israel, or Germany. Hmmm. Learn filmmaker Folman’s perspective on these decisions, and his upcoming eleven-city American tour including Denver on November 9.

War is hell and Folman ought to know. The scars of his four year service in the IDF is apparent in this interview and his art. Folman is a wise man discouraged about the right turn politics has taken in Israel, and in America. We learn this Israeli’s downcast view now of our country and our former president.

Gino Geraci has a more favorable view of former President Trump and is a longtime broadcaster on the Christian radio side of the Salem Media Group. Geraci’s daily show delivers a mixture of news and culture from a Biblical Worldview; and answers questions from a Scriptural perspective.

Gino Geraci and host go at it, discussing history and then current events. Radio hosts Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt, Dan Caplis and Jenna Ellis are discussed. The political strains between former friends is addressed and Geraci advocates love. Is that possible?

How about the hate displayed toward poor Paul Pelosi who was struck in the head by a hammer wielding intruder bent on kneecapping the man’s 80 year old wife, Nancy Pelosi? How low can our society go? What kind of sickos would perpetrate such disinformation? Why are they often prominent Christians?

Show Troubadour Dave Gunders delivers perfect song titled, Looking Down, which is the way current polling looks for Dem chances to retain Congress. Election deniers are poised to win in GA and AZ. Great discussion of disturbing current events including Kyrie Irving, Kanye West, and 6th Ave. smashups. How would we have reacted during the Inquisition?

What is the origin of antisemitism? Do Jews look down on non-Jews or vice versa? And what does the certainty of an eternal afterlife for Christians mean for the rest of us? Does that mean Jews are expendable because they’re going to hell anyway? Now, that’s looking down.

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