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Episode 123 Scott Levin – ADL’s Regional Director: Mountain States Division

Scott Levin visits Craig's Lawyers’ Lounge to discuss the amazing array of Jew hating incidents roiling Colorado and America. Host and guest share Denver Public School roots followed by decades as Colorado attorneys. We talk about America’s most important new lawyer, Special Counsel Jack Smith.

In this candid discussion, ADL’s Regional Director of Mountain States Division talks turkey about Donald Trump, January 6 and the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville in August of 2017. The ADL takes on Trump when he displays his bigotry and Scott Levin explains the process.

These are best and worst of times when it comes to antisemitism in Colorado. We celebrate midterm victories by Governor Polis, AG Weiser, and SoS Griswold. Adam Frisch almost beat Boebert and could’ve done so if he got the backing of Ross Kaminsky at KOA who instead told fans to vote all GOP in CO.

We discuss Ross Kaminsky and Krista Kafer, two Colorado media members who backed Trump in 2020 after not backing him in 2016. WTF Kafer was subject of Rabbi Rick Rheins’ sermon (Episode 119) in which Scott Levin and DU Prof. Nader Hashemi also mentioned.

Kafer also came to the defense of Steve Durham who was a guest on that same memorable Episode 119. Scott Levin reveals how Durham’s harsh position softened after the podcast discussions. Sadly, Krista Kafer and Colorado Springs Gazette like pretending Nazis came from political left.

Learn about ADL's decision to tell Fox to fire Tucker Carlson. Kanye West and Kyrie Irving are discussed. Dave Chappelle’s SNL monologue is played and criticized. Not cool Dave. Not helpful. Tropes get people killed.

ADL has weighed in on Elon Musk. Is Musk bigoted against Jews? Time will tell, but there are many clues to analyze. Like Henry Ford, Musk has built a huge car company, and is now branching out to a gigantic media platform. Toward what end? The ADL is concerned.

Mount Evans is now destined to become Mount Blue Sky which is a great thing. Governor Evans disgraced his office when he authorized the slaughter of 230 Cheyenne and Arapaho people at the Sand Creek Massacre. The ADL was part of the process. Find out more.

Dave Gunders delivers a perfect goodbye song for disgraced Gov. Evans with his song, Goin’ Away Blues. Show Troubadour discuss appointment of Jack Smith as Special Counsel. Current events are creating instant American history causing massive societal evolution. Let’s evolve together.

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