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Episode 124 - Heidi Beedle – mass murder at Club Q — Nick Fuentes dines with Trump and Kanye West

Colorado experienced another mass casualty atrocity – five innocent people slaughtered by a bigoted madman with an AR-15. Meanwhile, bigoted madmen Nick Fuentes and Kanye West are dining this holiday weekend with 45 at Mar-A-Lago. Our country is at a breaking point.

Listen to November 2019 sound of Donald Trump, Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle and Charlie Kirk heckled off a UCLA stage by Groypers (Nick Fuentes’ neo-Nazi crew). Not long after, Michelle Malkin came to UCLA on 11/14/19 to defend Groypers and call out their detractors like Jewish R/W pundit Ben Shapiro.

Reporter Heidi Beedle is well situated to discuss the massacre at Club Q. She knew some of the victims and has been covering bigoted right wing extremism for many years now, first for the Colorado Springs Independent, and now, as a reporter with the Colorado Times Recorder.

Hateful anti-LGBT rhetoric has been spewing out of El Paso County and Heidi has documented the rise and influence of Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs. As an Army veteran, parent, and Colorado Springs resident, Heidi Beedle, who is Trans, knows more than most, and she shares that knowledge.

Beedle’s an outstanding guest chronicling the latest exploits of Colorado’s latest America Firsters. When right wingers dominate law enforcement in a jurisdiction, Red Flag Laws don’t get enforced. Assault weapons are welcomed. We find out what’s up with the El Paso County DA and Sheriff.

Heidi Beedle and host discuss the history of Emergency Response Protective Orders (Red Flag Laws), Colorado’s lacks a death penalty and considered is whether the feds should seek such punishment. We discuss the role of Republican politicians, pundits, and influencers like Joe Oltmann and #DenverTrumpRadio hosts.

Club Q was a safe haven for many marginalized people in Colorado Springs. Show Troubadour Dave Gunders wrote Safe Haven as a song for a troubled time with a singer looking for peaceful refuge. Colorado needs more safe havens free from the bigoted gun violence. Meanwhile, bigots like Ye, Fuentes and 45 hang together at their Mar-A-Lago haven. For how long?

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