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Episode 125 – Adam Mares – DNVR – A Hundred Invisible Threads

Adam Mares is a big strong man at 6’5” and a solid 225 pounds. He was a skilled small college player who understands every aspect of basketball, and how it relates to life. As a metro Denver kid, Adam grew up a big Nuggets fan and Colorado’s NBA team remains his passion.

Fans, players and the Nuggets have taken notice of Adam Mares’ talents as a basketball pundit. Mares is a prolific commentator on social media and on his many podcast platforms. DNVR is the place to be for sports stories, get togethers, podcasting, and more in Colorado, if you like the Nuggets, Avs, Broncos, Rockies, Buffs, Rams, etc. You can watch these guys on their YouTube channel.

Mares heads up DNVR Nuggets and is an exceptional podcast talent because he puts his authenticity, passion and smarts on full display on his own shows, but especially here in this fast-moving podcast. Adam Mares is a main brain behind the popular #DNVR concept/brand that is going national now (e.g. PHNX, CHGO).

On DNVR Nuggets podcast, Adam Mares and his regular mates are broadcasting gold. Instant analysis in the upbeat Winner’s Lounge after Nuggets’ victories is always fun. The Loser’s Lounge, after tough losses like Atlanta on 12.1.22, is also a cool place for Nuggets fans to commiserate and voice constructive criticism, with your homies.

Sports wagering is part of every DNVR podcast and we talk about it here. There is also talk of politics and its role in the NBA. We talk about David Stern, Adam Silver, Donald Sterling, Robert Sarver, Daryl Morey, LeBron James, the DeVos family and Kyrie Irving. As we get political, Adam Mares points to lessons from The Brothers Karamazov

How did Adam Mares get so glib and smart? Find out about his Northglenn/Thornton upbringing. Adam Mares credits Colorado College for giving him a new worldview. Imbued with talent, intellectual curiosity, and a love for basketball, listen and learn how Adam Mares excelled as a CC Tiger.

Colorado College is a special place where NCAA basketball is great, but the academics and professors make the difference. We talk about Adam Mares’ love of reading and how he embraced education, and discovered a joy in reading, and expressing himself in block plan classes.

Post-college was an adventure and a challenge until Adam Mares found his way back to basketball. Mares elbowed his way into being one of Nuggets’ most important pundits. Learn how. With DNVR, Adam Mares and his partners have built a sensational enterprise featuring podcasts, merch, publications, social media, and a fine bar/restaurant, with outstanding food.

Growing up in metro Denver, there is shared love of the Nuggets and appreciation of this golden era of Nikola Jokic. Special attention is paid to special players Jamal Murray and Bones Hyland. The player who gets the most attention is Denver’s two-time MVP. There has never been a better hooper in Colorado history.

No one analyzes Jokic better than Adam Mares who recently took his @DNVR crew on a pilgrimage to Serbia to discover the roots of the repeat MVP’s greatness. It was an amazing trip which has led to a sensational documentary packed with history, humor, drama, and a new appreciation for Jokic. And for Mares.

A Hundred Invisible Threads is a superb exploration of the former Yugoslavia by these entertaining #DNVR hosts. It was a great time to travel there because Jokic was playing critical basketball for Serbia to remain in championship contention in the the FIBA Basketball World Cup

The documentary’s dramatic pacing is excellent. Adam Mares dominates the screen as a taller, more intellectual yet jock-like Anthony Bourdain. There are sensational foreign food and drink festivals but most of all, a love of basketball. And respect for Serbia.

Along the way, Adam Mares discovers what drives the Serbian people (formerly part of Yugoslavia) and the profound impact national dissolution and war had on their sports. The sports that matter in Serbia are soccer and basketball. Jokic is a national hero. Serbia craves recognition and respect.

You need not be a Jokic fan to enjoy this well-filmed documentary. But it helps. Watchers of this movie will become fans of its narrator, Adam Mares. Learn all about the making of A Hundred Invisible Threads toward the back end of this superb @adammares interview..

When basketball comes up, the show host recalls his halcyon days playing hoop at GWHS and CC (where he set single season scoring record in 1978). Adam Mares scored lots of points too by draining three pointers like Jokic, whereas host’s college career preceded the 3-point line. Asterisk appropriate?

At George Washington HS, host beat out Michael Ray Richardson for first-team All-City. Richardson ended up with the NY Knicks where he was All Pro and given the nickname Sugar. Sadly, Sugar Ray Richardson crashed due to substance abuse and became the subject of an NBA documentary.

Show Troubadour Dave Gunders delivers his heartfelt song titled, Sugar Don’t Call, which fits the fact Michael Ray Richardson and host have not met since they covered each other in DPL games in 1973 and 1974. No one has made the call. Maybe someday on a future podcast..

As for Sugar Ray Richardson, like Kyrie Irving, he’s had some antisemitic things to say. The situation with bigotry by Kanye, Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes is again discussed with Dave Gunders. These are frightening times.. Too many disturbed and troubled people wrap their heads around hating Jews.

The Craig Silverman Show – Every Saturday morning – 9 a.m. Colorado time.

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