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Episode 126 - Ari Armstrong

Ari Armstrong is an interesting fellow. A public intellectual, this clear thinker reads many books and pens mighty columns. His website is and his Colorado PickAxe substack is excellent reading, and almost always about Colorado.

Jeff Hunt is Director of the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University, and Co-Chairman of the Western Conservative Summit. Ari Armstrong rips Mr. Hunt to smithereens in his latest substack column titled, Jeff Hunt Aligns with Christian Nationalism.

Ari Armstrong daddresses Jeff Hunt and the blocking strategies he employs on Twitter. Elon Musk and Twitter get discussed as does Trump who incited the January 6 riots on social media and elsewhere. Must Trump and other higher-ups be held accountable for America to move forward? Ari Armstrong weighs in.

Colorado media discussed MAGA sycophants on Denver Trump Radio including George Brauchler and Dan Caplis who this past week railed against marijuana and disparaged the prisoner exchange for Brittney Griner. MAGA has revealed so much bigotry and dishonesty.

Ari Armstrong, a Complete Colorado columnist, speaks out strong against Trumpism and Lauren Boebert. Praised are the Republican participants in the January 6 Select Committee, and we wonder why Brauchler won’t back Kinzinger and Caplis won’t back Cheney.

Ari Armstrong discusses his journey through libertarianism and from being an ardent Ayn Rand follower. Along the way Armstrong wrote his book, “What’s Wrong with Ayn Rand’s Objectivist Ethics” Buy it here.

Armstrong and host discuss the Klu Klux Klan history in Colorado which peaked a century ago. Armstrong draws parallels with the modern MAGA movement which blends in Christianity. The expert on the subject is Robert Goldberg who wrote the book, Hidden Empire.

Armstrong’s podcast, Self in Society, featured fabulous interviews with Utah Professor Goldberg. The Klan mentality has never disappeared and we contemplate the future for our children.

Also discussed are Carl Sagan and artificial intelligence. We consider whether the Republican Party in Colorado can survive. And whether it should. The intelligence and intellectual curiosity of Ari Armstrong shines through. He is a Colorado thought leader.

Show Troubadour Dave Gunders has a song that’s perfect for space exploration. Wings of a Rocket is a song about a relationship that needs to be repaired. Our society needs repair after the ravages of bad leaders.

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