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Episode 133 – John Fielder – Colorado’s Photographer

John Fielder is widely recognized, with good reason, as Colorado’s most accomplished and talented landscape photographer. Find out here how Fielder is an accomplished businessman, environmentalist, author, community leader, conservationist, and a Colorado man to his core. For posterity's sake, Fielder just donated 5500 of his best images to Colorado History museum.

Colorado captivated John Fielder as a young North Carolinian who had a Charlotte teacher who took him and six classmates on long summer journeys to explore the western half of North America. Learn how Fielder fell in love with the sight and name of Colorado upon first setting eyes on Longs Peak.

Fielder’s father was a prominent East Coast department store developer. After graduating from Duke with an accounting degree, John Fielder seemed destined to follow in his father’s footsteps after successfully managing the big Southglenn May D&F in the late 1970s. But John Fielder felt too drawn to the nearby mountains and photography.

Quitting his day job, John Fielder pursued his passion. For over forty years, Fielder has documented the grandeur of Colorado with his breathtaking photographs. Find out some secrets to Fielder’s remarkable career. No photographer in Colorado history has enjoyed more success.

Fielder’s a candid and terrific interviewee. He’s been an environmentalist since recruited decades ago by Wren Wirth to help designate by photography some Colorado mountain property worth protecting. Fielder is a fierce advocate for environmental causes and conservation. He’s authored fifty books about Colorado.

Fielder is renowned for photography capturing the natural beauty of Colorado. Fielder’s work has exceptional attention to detail, asymmetrical alignments (that he learned at department store displays), and exceptional use of light. Find out about John Fielder’s many years raising a family in the Denver area.

Fielder helped found Colorado Great Outdoors in 1992 and talks about its historic impacts. Now a grandfather of six with more on the way, Fielder’s not finished documenting the dire effects of climate change, and advocating for environmentalism through his photography and enterprises.

Learn all about the wise man behind the camera. His role models were Ansel Adams and William Henry Jackson, two famous photographers from a century ago. Fans of fine landscape photography will long be studying the work of Colorado’s photographer of this generation, John Fielder, and this podcast will add to their wisdom.

Making his usual spectacular contribution is show Troubadour Dave Gunders who is also a Colorado mountaineer appreciative of the special light at sunrise. He gifts us with Light of the Morning, a song with a supernatural story behind it. Gunders and host discuss disturbing camera images seen in Paul Pelosi and Tyre Nichols’ violent victimizations.

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