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Episode 137 – Debbie Ortega wants to be Denver Mayor – Attorney Greg Gold in Kyiv

Denver Councilwoman Debbie Ortega shows off her experience, wisdom and seriousness as a candidate for Denver mayor. She’s been elected citywide numerous times and has been a Denver public servant for parts of six decades. She’s seen Denver through booms and busts.

Learn about Ortega’s family as this proud great grandmother has many military and police progeny. She decries Denver’s slow response times on permitting and policing and describes her solutions. A West High grad, Ortega sets forth her positions on homelessness, affordable housing, and the mayoral debates. We discuss the race and rother major candidates.

Attorney Greg Gold gets things kicked off in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge discussing his perilous recent trip to Kyiv well recounted here.

President Biden and Zelensky are lawyers with courage and integrity. The same is true for Greg Gold and our Ukrainian legal colleague Alex Gorgan we met on Episode 97. Lt. Gorgan has become Col. Gorgan and Greg Gold just met with him again in Kyiv. Vlad Putin and Alex Murdaugh are sad law school grads with no morals; just like Tucker Carlson.

Troubadour Dave Gunders delivers musical excellence with his timely Revelation Town which may refer to Kyiv, which, as Greg Gold tells us, is a similar city to Denver. Gunders offers his usual thoughtful analysis of current events including why we should side with Ukraine. Here's a charity Greg Gold recommends. Give if you can.

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