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Episode 139 – Leslie Herod wants to be Denver Mayor

Colorado State Representative Leslie Herod makes a strong case for becoming Denver 46th Mayor. She would also be Denver’s first female mayor. And Denver’s first queer chief executive. Rep. Herod uses that word about herself which gives rise to fascinating conversation.

Find out who Rep. Herod’s friends and influencers are. Endorsed by Wellington Webb and Dottie Lamm, Herod had law enforcement and military as part of her upbringing in Colorado Springs. Learn how and why she fell in love with Denver.

Size up Rep. Herod’s capacity to be a leader as she responds to harsh criticism in an Axios report. Learn about her poodle mix pet named Clinton and what it was like when she worked for Barack Obama.

Rep. Herod shows her smarts and sense of humor when asked about Lauren Boebert becoming a grandmother at age 36. Learn about Rep. Herod’s roles at major non-profits. Size up her leadership skills.

Rep. Herod brought an entourage who were then welcomed into Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge.Past guests (and friends of show) Cole Wist and Mario Nicolais came to support their mayoral choice. Afterward, they stick around for a lively discussion about what makes Leslie Herod special.

Cole Wist was a rising Republican legislator several years ago until he refused to go along with MAGA. Wist is a proven person of principle who detests bigotry and incompetence.

The same could be said of Colorado Sun columnist Mario Nicolais who’d still be a Republican but for Donald Trump’s malign takeover. These two lawyers respect the rule of law and are not part of any far left. They see rare qualities in Rep. Herod.

Mario Nicolais is entertaining as he also discusses attorney Jenna Ellis, who just got censured by the Colorado Supreme Court for her part in Donald Trump‘s big election lie. Was the penalty too slight or just right? Listen to these lawyer/columnists discuss.

Troubadour Dave Gunders joins in on the Jenna Ellis discussion and other current events. Dave also brings us his beautiful song, Come Down, Miss Lizzie, which tells the story of a different kind of love back in 1799. Upcoming NYC prosecution of 45 also batted around.

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