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Episode 140 - Mike Rothschild exposes QAnon

Understand QAnon, perhaps for the first time in your life, in an entertaining hour with best-selling American author, Mike Rothschild.

Learn the origins of QAnon and the interesting clues and timelines involved. Find out about the complicity of social media companies working in tandem with American talk radio. Find out the Q lingo and orthodoxies.

Donald Trump and Vlad Putin have taken full advantage of the dissension wrought by QAnon, this all-powerful digital movement. Believers envision military “insiders” who’ve provided Q Drops revealing truth that Trump is heaven sent to rid Earth of lefties.

QAnon might be funny if it was not so serious. Find out Q’s many Colorado connections. We discuss the Q roles of Tina Peters, Lin Wood, Lauren Boebert, Dan Caplis, Jenna Ellis, George Brauchler, Randy Corporon, Joe Oltmann, Peter Boyles, and others.

Rothschild explains how QAnon, a bigoted conspiracy theory explaining everything, was accelerated by Trump and the MAGA world. Learn of early precursors of the Q phenomenon such as 9/11 truthers, JFK conspiracy nuts, and birtherism. The Obama administration triggered many people.

World events are frightening. When the Covid pandemic hit, people became isolated with laptops and Iphones. Digital algorithms pelt people with bad news podcasts, and all too often, disinformation by R/W profit motivated miscreants such as Alex Jones, Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone, and Tucker Carlson, who’ve all spewed Q talking points.

QAnon was at the heart of Trump’s Big Lie. That’s why they led Trump’s J6 Insurrection at the Capitol. Mike Rothschild explains the addictive quality of the “hope-ium” which QAnon hucksters like Gen. Mike Flynn sell to vulnerable, uneducated, and unhappy people.

Totally Q-resistant is ever-happy show Troubadour Dave Gunders who delights with his pandemic inspired song, Impossible Happiness. The world is going through more than just a little rough patch as Trump claims only he can prevent WWIII which seems to be his 2024 sales pitch.

The world is in a heap of trouble and the dynamic duo of Dave & Craig toss around current events like Trump’s imminent indictments in NYC and elsewhere. Also discussed is the International Criminal Court indictment of Vlad Putin! Meanwhile, China’s Xi is going to Moscow next week. Oy vey.

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