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Episode 141 - Barry Levine - author of All the President’s Women: Donald Trump -- Predator

It’s all happening in NYC where the show host this week went to see Trump’s self-promised arrest, but since it did not happen, three great Broadway shows were seen in two days. Hear positive reviews of Parade, Leopoldstadt, and Beautiful Noise.

Barry Levine is an experienced New Yorker, accomplished American journalist, author, and media executive. Levine is best known for his work as an investigative reporter and editor, in the area of politics, government and entertainment, working for many years at the National Enquirer.

Levine and the Enquirer were nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for their story exposing the love child of former Dem VP nominee, John Edwards. The subsequent campaign fraud prosecution of Senator Edwards bears considerable resemblance to what Trump may also be facing. E. Jean Carroll v Trump is also discussed.

Barry Levine authored (in 2019) All the President’s Women: Donald Trump and the Making of a Predator. Back in the day, Levine and other reporters followed Trump’s Aspen affairs. Barry knows Donald Trump’s NY secrets and Trump’s fantasy of being Hugh Hefner. Levine has interviewed scores of females Trump has victimized.

Hear about Barry Levine’s powerful interview with Stormy Daniels and what she’s like in person, and with her clothes on. Stormy was an adult porn star, but she has better character than America’s former president. Stormy has the gumption and experience to assign, based on anatomy, the nickname Tiny to Trump.

Listen and learn how Fred Trump sent women to his son Donald’s military school to impress his son and other cadets. We discuss life and death of first wife Ivana who claimed she was raped by her husband, the man who also enjoyed reading Hitler speeches in the bedroom.

No holds are barred as Levine dissects the way Trump has consistently preyed on women, including alongside Jeffrey Epstein. Levine has also written The Spider: Inside the Criminal Web of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. (Episode 74) Birds of a feather flock together. And worse.

Show opening features Troubadour Dave Gunders and host discussing latest mobster-like threats against prosecutors made by America’s sociopathic former president. Great Gunders’ original song featured, Every Little Problem, explains how little issues grow into elephant (GOP) size problems if not stopped early.

America needs its justice systems to soon stop America’s NYC-born, mobsterish, predatory, twice-impeached, defeated former president. This show will go to celebratory parades in whatever jurisdiction promises justice finally delivered to Donald Trump. The Craig Silverman Show, every Saturday morning at 9 a.m., Colorado time.

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