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Episode 144 Coach Steve Finesilver

For many decades, the surname Finesilver has been famous throughout Colorado. Judge Sherman Finesilver was esteemed federal judge, and before that a popular judge in Denver County and District courts. In the 1940s, Sherm Finesilver was a star football center at North High, and then CU.

Steve followed in his Dad’s footsteps, starring in football, wrestling and shot-putting at Denver’s George Washington High School where he and host graduated in 1974. Fast friends since fourth grade, learn how guest Finesilver and host experienced careers in education and law respectively. Small college varsity athletics helped form their character.

Coach Steve Finesilver worked hard and well at Montbello HS in the 1980s, and next spent many successful decades coaching the football and wrestling teams at George. He’s also been a passionate and dedicated fitness and science teacher who has mentored thousands of Denver high schoolers. Now, he’s ready to tell all about Denver educational deficiencies and how to fix them.

Steve Finesilver’s book is entitled Hard Knocks & Dirty Socks, Through the Eyes of Coach. In his book, Coach Finesilver peels back the curtain and reveals an educational product lacking in Denver. Hear his harsh condemnations, and constructive calls to action, designed to remedy public school disasters, like at Denver Public Schools.

Recent shooting horrors at East High are discussed. The 1971 GW school riot also gets reviewed. Finesilver reveals the dangers of modern schools and the under-reporting of safety violations. Gone are the days when teachers were treated as professionals and entrusted with the authority, training and backing to do their jobs properly.

Good education starts with good parents and the Finesilver family is renowned for that. We talk about Steve’s mom and dad, and his crush on Nancy Silverman, the host’s younger sister. It all ended in humorous calamity as you will hear. The experience made everybody stronger, especially Steve Finesilver who then hit the gym.

Ahead of his time when it came to disciplined training and weight-lifting, Steve Finesilver grew his body like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and became massively strong. That made Coach Finesilver an ideal instructor in football and wrestling, as proved not just by scores of champion DPS athletes, but by his (and Brenda’s) 7 amazing kids.

The Finesilver boys are wrestling legends. They’ve won countless Colorado championships and both sets of twins wrestled collegiately for Duke. Matt Finesilver took advantage of one more eligibility year to just kick ass as a heavyweight for Michigan. Watch this.

Steve Finesilver is still working to help and motivate kids. His book and call to action is his effort to reform education. Knowing Coach, he won’t quit. That’s the theme of the song by Show Troubadour Dave Gunders titled, Eddie Don’t Quit, about a determined high schooler.

Listen at the outset of the show to a good discussion of outrageous new abortion restrictions headed for review by the US Supreme Court, featuring corrupt Justice, Clarence Thomas. Lively discussion ensues over what sports are real and which ones are least athletic. There is locker room flavor and jock smell to the entire show. Enjoy.

The Craig Silverman Show Every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Colorado time.

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