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Episode 145 - Mike Johnston is close to becoming Denver mayor

Former Colorado State Senator Mike Johnston returns triumphantly following first round win in the Denver mayoral election. We plow different ground than Episode 134. Find out about Johnston’s personal relationship with his remaining opponent, Kelly Brough.

Johnston grew up in Vail and we find out more about his influential father. Never one to brag about his Ivy League education, Senator Johnston acknowledges his participation in many extra-curriculars while at Yale. Listen to his answer when asked about Skull and Bones.

Find out about some of the billionaires who’ve impacted Mike Johnston’s life. Tech titans may benefit Denver as a destination city in a Johnston administration with pro-tech policies and adaptations. Space in Denver is at a premium and candidate talks land use.

Mike Johnston was thrilled to get endorsement of former Denver Mayor Federico Pena, and explains why.. Also discussed are the big endorsements received from Morgan Carroll on Episode 143, and trailblazing Colorado legislative leaders Terrance Carroll and Peter Groff.

The DIA Great Hall construction fiasco is discussed. So are the Colorado Rockies need for energized ownership. Johnston makes a bold pledge to personally stop the Broncos from ever leaving Denver. Johnston is an education specialist and the crisis at DPS and East High are topics too.

Senator Johnston recognizes Denver could be a critical refuge as America sorts out its cultural and political differences. MAGA mayhem must be considered. Donald Trump sat for interviews this mid-April with Tucker Carlson from Fox News and with Colorado’s own Aaron Steinberg from Full Send podcast.

Aaron Steinberg, aka Steiny, has achieved remarkable success as a podcaster with NELK Boys who are affiliated with Dana White and UFC. Sam Silverman, age 20, has witnessed Aaron’s meteoric rise and talks about it toward the start of the show.

Troubadour Dave Gunders gives invaluable advice about not watching Tucker Carlson but what can be done when he hosts newsworthy guests like Trump, RFK Jr, and Elon Musk? We’ve got the sound, and examine the importance. Truth GPT, AI via Elon sounds horrible. But Gunders’ song, Every Space, is wonderful and timely.

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