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Episode 146 Ken Toltz – our Colorado Man in Israel

Current events are coming at us fast and furious. VP Pence testified. So did E Jean Carroll in civil case of the century. Trump will soon be found a rapist by a New York jury. Verdict will set the tone for prosecutions to come. Learn about E Jean from entertaining portions of her podcast.

Tucker Carlson was fired this week by Fox News. Dan Caplis suggested Carlson participate in a debate format show like the highly successful and memorable Caplis and Silverman run for a decade on Denver’s 630KHOW. Other parts of Caplis analysis reviewed. And taken to task.

Host’s feelings about Fox News set forth this week in his Colorado Sun column. Rupert Murdoch is evil. Tucker Carlson is an awful person and people who prop him up are suspect. And dangerous.

Wonder what is going on in Israel as the Jewish State celebrates her 75th birthday? Ken Toltz, our man in Israel, returns to tell us about Bibi Netanyahu, his three active criminal cases, and the many problems Bibi’s corruption has caused.

Ken Toltz is actively participating in pro-democracy rallies throughout Israel. He knows politics and democratic movements. This is the real deal. Listen to how Toltz feels joining his fellow Israelis taking to the streets. The tone is one of optimism.

Find out Ken Toltz’s remarkable history in prior episodes 37, 48 and 95, but this show focuses on current events and what happens next. Will there be civil war in Israel? How big a threat is Iran really? What about Israeli gun policies? Do police fight or shoot citizens?

The state of Israeli civil rights is well known to our man in Israel. Ken Toltz is a wise political pundit who has learned well his new country, and various mediums through which to express himself.

Ken Toltz talks about the influence of Fox News and right wing religion in Israel. Listen to Toltz wisdom about Russia v. Ukraine gleaned from Toltz’s April Passover seder with famous former Chief Rabbi of Moscow, Pinchas Goldschmidt.

Ken Toltz well knows Denver, Colorado and its mayoral finalist candidates. While he respects Mike Johnston, Toltz prefers Kelly Brough who he considers an excellent leader, and Toltz labels a champion CONVENER. Find out what that means.

Troubadour Dave Gunders is brilliant as usual, this time from Jazz Fest in New Orleans. His song, Set the Tone, talks about handling life’s vicissitudes and the need to seize every day. Episode 146 takes on the big issues of our day. Understand Israel and the USA better by listening.

The Craig Silverman Show Every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Colorado time

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