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Episode 147 - Mario Nicolais and analysis of the brutal murder of Alexa Bartell

Mario Nicolais, Colorado Sun columnist and attorney colleague of host, explains his vehement reaction against the three eighteen year olds arrested and charged with the murder of Alexa Bartell. She was killed April 19, 2023 when a huge landscaping “river rock” was thrown from a passing pick-up through her windshield.

Nicolais wrote: Alexa Bartell died a needless and terrible death when a landscaping rock thrown by three 18-year-old men crashed through her windshield and struck her in the head. The men accused of killing her had no regard for her life — or apparently most other human life — and should spend the rest of theirs in prison.

But can Nicolais’ position soften? And should it? What is the proper penalty? What will happen next in this tragic case? Learn all about the grim evidence as the host reads most of the probable cause affidavit so you will know how defendants identified and what they told Jeffco homicide investigators.

Host was in Jeffco Ctrm 520 for arraignment of Nicholas “Mitch” Karol-Chik, Joseph “Joe” Koenig and Zachary “Zach” Kwak, all 18, charged with first degree murder of Bartell, age 20. For attacking other innocent passing cars in many other vehicles that night, the trio face additional counts of assault and attempted assault.

To refresh ourselves from such sad stories of lives ruined, we discuss sports and agree that Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets are special. An NBA championship is anticipated. Nicolais likes sports and writes about them frequently, showing off here his knowledge of the Joker.

Next discussed is the Denver mayor’s race. Nicolais was a big backer of Leslie Herod. He explains here how she got screwed for lack of big outside money and for being a black female. Now, Nicolais is backing former state senator Mike Johnston for the big job of Denver Mayor.

We discuss the legal walls closing in on Trump. Carroll v Trump for the Bergdorf rape is the civil case of century and is well dissected here. Host predicts a big plaintiff’s verdict. Jack Smith ready to prove Trump stole secret docs and why. Follow the (Saudi) money. Follow the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers convictions for seditious conspiracy.

Troubadour Dave Gunders brings his special song and delightful sister Joan Gunders this episode. Siblings discuss happy occasions and we learn more about our Troubadour. Alas, the sad Bartell murder brings to mind the lament of this brilliant Gunders’ blues song titled, Too Many Drivers.

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