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Episode 148 Kelly Brough is Close to Being Denver Mayor

Kelly Brough returns for the first time since Episode 132 ,when she was trying to secure a spot in the Denver mayoral run-off. That goal achieved, the former head of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce returns to compete for the run-off win three weeks away.

She tells us about her interactions historically, and now, with her opponent, former Colorado state Senator Mike Johnston. Brough explains why she’s bothered by the history of the Skull and Bones, a secret society club at Yale, and Johnston’s membership therein.

Kelly Brough remains upbeat about her chances to win. She explains her competitive, people-focused, human nature. She’s thrilled by the endorsements of Wilma and Wellington Webb and explains why. We talk about Colorado’s immigration crisis and Denver’s response.

We also talk about sports and why she won’t let Broncos leave. Kelly Brough has a passion for basketball and she’s all in for Denver’s Nuggets. Big important labor unions are all in for Kelly Brough and she brags on that. She’s got thumbs up from Chris Hansen too.

State Senator Hansen, a former mayoral rival, returns to tout Kelly Brough for Denver mayor. We take time to dissect Trump’s Town Hall debacle on CNN and the threat this Republican represents. Senator Hansen explains his legislative accomplishments on tax relief, guns, and climate in Colorado’s legislative session just ended.

Extended good discussion on the role billionaires played in Denver’s election and how it is not possible to limit soft money contributions since Citizens United decided by disastrously wrong Supreme Court. Learn about billionaire Coloradan John Malone’s role in changing CNN, along with his hire of Chris Licht and new star(?) Kaitlan Collins.

Troubadour Dave Gunders, aka Father of the Bride, gives us a gift of his song backed-up by bride-to-be Sarah. Nothing the Wind Can’t Blow is a perfect tribute song for Kelly Brough, and America, as challenges aplenty are presented. Be like Nikola Jokic. Stand tall and strong.

Segment features passion for democracy and defeating Trump. The despicable attack by Trump on sex abuse victim E. Jean Carroll is reviewed and harshly critiqued. So are other horrible things said during CNN’s Trump Town Hall. Love is showered on our Denver’s Nuggets.

The Craig Silverman Show Every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Colorado time

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