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Episode 149 Susie Wargin

Multi-talented broadcaster Susie Wargin explains how a person can maintain several exciting jobs at once. A fabulous mother of two, devoted wife, real estate hall of famer, and well-known sports and music broadcaster, Susie Wargin tells us her trade secrets.

Find out why Susie has become the spokesperson for so many local merchants. She’s got enthusiasm, energy and credibility. For better part of a decade, Susie Wargin got up super-early to sports anchor the popular morning news shows on @9News

Learn about Susie Wargin’s binge-worthy new podcast, Cut, Traded, Fired, Retired. Her show features prominent athletes adjusting to their new lives and the trauma of glorious careers ending.

Susie Wargin scores interviews with the biggest names in Denver sports – Hall of Famers, Ring of Famers, Super Bowl winners (and losers) and many who have reinvented themselves in retirement. The results are conversations full of fascinating stories as well as inspiration on how to keep moving forward.

The Denver Broncos are the most important team in Colorado history. Susie has been there as a hippie chick fan in Broomfield and now, as part of the @850KOA radio broadcast team. Find out what it is like to be a female trailblazer in a male dominated sports broadcasting field.

Colorado’s broadcasting scene is changing with the possible demise of A.M. radio. The Nuggets seem ready to win the West and move on to the NBA Finals. We discuss the influence of artificial intelligence on sports and broadcasting.

Troubadour Dave Gunders has the week off to attend the out-of-country destination wedding of his eldest daughter Sarah so we play three of his best songs to play for a bride about to embark on matrimony and a wonderful new life. Best of luck to Nick and Sarah.

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