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Episode 150 - Shavuot Special - Sage Advice for Talk Show Lawyers

Shavuot is the Jewish holiday commemorating receipt of the Law at Mt. Sinai. America’s Rule of Law is hanging by a thread now. MAGA’s made it happen and must be stopped. Responsible lawyers with broadcasting microphones should join in mitigating this MAGA threat.

Authoritarianism has been seen before and AM radio utilized to propagandize for non-democratic nationalistic movements.American radio has gone rabidly right-wing and focus here is on Colorado and influential local hosts who might help save America. Or not.

At this Memorial Day weekend, America is at an inflection point. Indictments must be brought, and soon, against Trump for his many crimes. These righteous prosecutions will be ripped by irresponsible people – some of whom have radio megaphones. That is dangerous.

Perhaps #DenverTrumpRadio hosts Dan Caplis and George Brauchler will hit their own Trump tipping points. Maybe they just need to better understand cults, hate-groups, MAGA and QAnon. Perchance principles will exceed profits and partisanship as the Trump misbehavior becomes more indefensible.

Listen here as a hapless Caplis caller could not quickly respond for examples of racism on the right. We suggest the banning of Amanda Gorman poems in FL, Judge Curiel’s dressing down; Charlottesville, Trump’s dinner with Fuentes and Ye, Proud Boys - Stand Back and Stand By, etc.

Helpful QAnon identification suggestions are provided to George Brauchler so he can better defend against Trump-worshiping callers, texters and trollers. Radio has huge reach and on-air lawyers will be consulted when more Trump indictments start flying.

The latest in the Boebert family dysfunction sound is played so people can understand the danger of giving big guns and big power to this poor excuse for a U. S. Congresswoman. Kudos to former Rep. Bob Beauprez calling out Matt Schlapp and MAGA-CPAC for financial improprieties.

Episode 150, Memorial Day, and Shavuot leads to joyous introspection. Troubadour Dave Gunders has been there every step of the way. We get a report on the Caribbean wedding of Sarah and Nick. It was like a beautiful dream. Your Way Too is a beautiful Gunders composition celebrating the spirit of our show.

Show is grateful to have had lots of exciting Nuggets coverage for the last three years. As Denver gets ready to win its first NBA title, we remember our great interview with one of the all-time greatest Denver stars ever – the one and only Spencer Haywood. We’ve got the audio highlights.

Show is further grateful to be the place where Denver mayoral candidates have come to compete. And have fun. We had laughs on two separate shows with the Denver Mayor run-off candidates Kelly Brough and Mike Johnston. Hear what makes them laugh.This is a fun show.

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