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Episode 153 Rhonda Fields

The Denver Nuggets won it all, but Denver’s victory celebrations were marred by gun violence. On Denver metro roads, people are being shot in incidents involving road rage. Too many guns are killing America and Colorado.

Colorado State Senator Rhonda Fields has accomplished many things in her rise through the legislature. Rhonda turned to politics after suffering the shooting murder of her son Javad and his fiancee on June 20, 2005. Rhonda responded to tragedy with loving commitment to service.

President Joe Biden gave a brilliant speech in Connecticut to a crowd full of gun violence victims. Widely mocked by the right for his senior moments, Biden was compelling on Friday laying out his agenda to fight gun violence. We’ve got the sound.

Host has been Rhonda Fields’ attorney and friend through the decades. Javad was killed because he witnessed a murder, something which could happen to any of us. Rhonda understands the criminal justice system and its limitations.

Rhonda discusses the need for an assault weapon ban and a tougher law enforcement “zero tolerance for gun crimes” policy in Denver and Aurora. Why not Rhonda Fields for mayor of Aurora now that she’s term-limited?

Rhonda knows Denver mayor-elect Mike Johnston and believes he’ll do great things. Courtney Johnston, Denver’s new First Lady, was one of the prosecutors assigned the case where Rhonda Fields was threatened by an agitated gun owner.

Gun culture needs to be addressed. How can it be that Ja Morant is suspended 25 games and Lauren Boebert wins re-election after she puts long guns in hands of her kids and soon-to-be ex around the family Christmas tree?

Why is it that the man who threatened Rhonda Fields was treated with leniency by the criminal justice system and the Tweeting threat-maker against Lauren Boebert went to prison?

The civil justice system has its place as we proved when the threat-maker against Rhonda Fields was made to pay a substantial sum to charity and take steps to rehabilitate himself.

We discuss Rhonda Fields’ friend, Denver DA Beth McCann, who takes a more progressive approach to sentencing teenagers committing gun crimes. When Javad and Vivian were murdered, the Arapahoe County DA sought and obtained the death penalty. But times change. Capital punishment is dead in Colorado.

Rhonda Fields is an alive and upbeat person, even though her Aurora home got shot up this last February. Rhonda Fields works to help others. And she’s willing to fight the gun industry. Senator Fields is also an opponent of Trumpism, as you will hear.

Dave Gunders provides his hit single, Set The Tone, from his Troubadour album. The fellas salute Pride month, Juneteenth, the late Daniel Ellsberg, and the Denver Nuggets. Overcoming bad judges like Judge Cannon discussed. It can be done. Host explains how.

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