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Episode 156 - the Roger Stone interview -- Insurrection

If Jack Smith could extract the full truth from Roger Stone, we might put to bed this MAGA-mess. Knee deep in all things Trump, Roger Stone started working for Nixon and graduated to Ronald Reagan. It was the Reagan campaign when Stone met Trump through attorney Roy Cohn.

In a lengthy interview here, Roger Stone recounts how he met Trump and became his biggest booster. When asked about Roy Cohn and how to learn more about that infamous attorney, Stone recommends we watch Citizen Cohn.

This episode occurs at a critical moment in history. Right now, the oft-pardoned Roger Stone appears to have been knee-deep in the planning with Oath Keepers and Proud Boys for the January 6 MAGA insurrection at our nation’s Capital. HQ was the Willard Hotel.

Prior shows have covered connections to the Willard Hotel command center including the reported presence of numerous members of the conspiracy, some with Colorado connections like Eastman and Oltmann.

Back on New Years Eve of 2015, Roger Stone was looking to sell his book, The Clintons' War on Women, and agreed to come on radio with me for over an hour. That sound was preserved and has amazing relevance today.

Almost immediately, Roger Stone is confronted by the host after Stone claimed that he had a falling out with candidate Trump which led to his removal from the 2016 campaign. In truth, it now appears Stone was working foreign back channels.

Roger Stone was a longtime partner of Paul Manafort who came forward, after long working for Putin and his pals, to be Trump’s campaign manager in 2016. Those like Trump who deny Russia helped him win in 2016 are not being truthful.

Roger Stone tells plenty of lies in this revealing interview which specifically addresses whether Trump will end women’s reproductive rights. Stone was then a bigwig with Republicans for Choice. But now, as of 2020, Stone claims to be a born again Christian.

Have you heard the story of Roger Stone’s conversion from being a lapsed Catholic to a committed evangelical pro-life person? We’ve got the sound and you should get ready with a healthy dose of skepticism.

This interview of Roger Stone focuses on Colorado issues, particularly the legalization of cannabis. Back in the day, Roger Stone was an advocate for legalized cannabis and he predicted the path his pal Trump would take.

But the KEY passage of the entire podcast is Roger Stone’s admission he and Trump were not just part of an historical political movement, they were intending an insurrection. Yes, Roger Stone, of his own volition, volunteers that an insurrection would occur.

Troubadour Dave Gunders keeps favoring our show with hits from his new album titled, Connected. His superb and biting song named, If G-d was Watching, is filled with haunting lyrics apropos of con man, MAGA-man, Roger Stone and his pal Donald Trump.

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