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Episode 160 - Dick Wadhams

The most accomplished Colorado Republican strategist in modern times is Dick Wadhams and he comes clean about everything right here. Born and raised on a farm in Las Animas, CO, he’s been a lifelong Republican. As CO GOP party chair, he won elections, and gained funding from Phil Anschutz among many others.

But now, this former GOP state Chair Wadhams feels shut out as MAGA moves in. Great Republicans of Colorado’s past are discussed, as is their silence now in wake of MAGA threat to the Republican Party and to America. Wadhams is the rare Republican willing to stand up on air to this MAGA menace.

Wadhams was a powerhouse behind the throne for Governor Bill Owens, Senator Wayne Allard, Senator Bill Armstrong, Senator John Thune (who toppled Tom Daschle and may become GOP’s Senate Leader), Senator George Allen, Senator Conrad Burns and others.

Find out how it all started for this Colorado boy. Analyzed is almost every major politician in Colorado including Senators Hickenlooper, Bennet, and Governor Polis. Dems and GOP once got along. Those days are gone and the reasons why are explored.

Changing faces of the media, especially here in Colorado, are reviewed. Special shout outs go to Shaun Boyd and Anne Trujillo from Dick Wadhams who works for Channel Four as their GOP political analyst. We also discuss radio and the decline that has accompanied the rise of MAGA.

Dick Wadhams is a columnist for the Gazette and a certified news junkie. He shows his class as he decries the broadcasters who talk about a “Biden Crime Family.” Wadhams is not OK with name calling, disinformation, and propaganda. He likes to win based on policy.

We discuss the GOP presidential field and sudden courage of Mike Pence. We also discuss DeSantis and whether there were benefits to slavery. Spoiler alert: answer is no. Tim Scott has Colorado connections. But there is no real GOP race. And the host predicts no real debates.

Trump is a criminal defendant now. In a passionate start to the show, the host explains what happens now that Trump has gone near the line by posting “IF YOU GO AFTER ME, I’M COMING AFTER YOU!” Great advice dispensed in the opening monologue to Judge Tanya Chutkan, presiding over USA v Trump.

Wadhams is great regarding Jan 6 and the need for 45 to be prosecuted. Jack Smith’s bona fides as prosecutor discussed. Smith obtained a rare NY death penalty. So did the host on a Denver case. Normally, the GOP would love a law and order guy like Jack Smith but those days are gone.

MAGA is ruining Colorado GOP with staff not being paid yet 50K went to Conspirator #2 John Eastman and RNC Committeeman Randy Corporon for futile lawsuit, w/budget for 250K. Wow! Wadhams reacts. State GOP being asked to approve Stalinist measure.

Names are flying which is only appropriate since the GOP elected as chairman a man who wants to be known as Dave Let’s Go Brandon Williams. Wadhams dislikes Williams and explains his reasons why. We talk about all the ways Trump’s Big Lie flowed out of Colorado.

Show Troubadour Dave Gunders delivers wonderfully once again with his song, All that Water, which can be a metaphor for all the legal cases and charges now flooding America’s 45th president and accomplished serial interstate criminal. Mr. Trump.

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