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Episode 161 Jason Dunn

Accomplished Denver attorney Jason Dunn, former US Attorney under President Donald J. Trump, makes a sensational first appearance in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge. He even promises to extend an invitation to his Brownstein law firm partner, recent Interior Secretary David Bernhardt.

Jason Dunn ducked no questions including why he didn't resign right after 1/6/21. Cases of USA v Trump addressed especially the DC case presided over by Judge Tanya Chutkan who put Mr. Trump on notice today. Will 45 soon be jailed?

Dunn worked high up at the Colorado AG’s Office under John Suthers, who just joined Brownstein too. Numerous great Republican role models are discussed including Judge Tim Tymkovich, Judge Michael Luttig, Richard Donahue, Jeff Rosen, and others at the DOJ.

Jason Dunn became US Attorney in 2018 and so did David Weiss, who was from Delaware. Learn what Dunn thinks of Weiss and other Special Counsel he knows well. Amazing back stories discussed. Is Weiss a disguised Biden guy?

Host dislikes Biden Crime Family disparagements, especially as propagandist deflection for Trump crime spree. Dunn responds brilliantly, pointing out legitimate reasons for suspicion including some walk backs on prior statements. But Dunn agrees there’s no proof yet Joe Biden is dirty.

Hear the best discussion of the federal Hunter Biden prosecution available. Do such firearms forms’ crimes get prosecuted? Almost never. BTW, Dunn confesses no one who consumes cannabis can honestly possess a firearm if they honestly fill out that federal form.

Hunter Biden wrote a book about his crack usage and reckless lifestyle, including purchasing firearms while wasted. As for the tax crimes, listen to Colorado’s former top prosecutor. Hunter Biden matter discussed in full.

As for corruption, these two lawyers stipulate, despite his public censure, former Colorado Chief Justice Nathan Ben Coats had a long distinguished history of phenomenal service to Colorado, and should be applauded. These guys know this judge. Ben Coats is not corrupt.

Jason Dunn did a great job addressing crime during COVID time and kept his large important office together. Dunn demonstrated during difficult days his decades long abilities to supervise a team as a big law firm administrator. First rule. Find great help.

After Biden won the election, when Trumps and allies falsely accused Denver’s Dominion Voting Systems, Jason Dunn was offended, and spoke out. The election was fair. Dangerous accusations against Dominion were not.

Lively discussion held as host predicts likely jailing of Trump and soon for violations of court’s order. The proper judicial reaction is debated in this high caliber discussion. Complicity of House Republicans is also reviewed.

As for the debate of whether “you are too honest” really said to VP Pence, Trump-Pence appointee Dunn believes VP and explains why. The ethical grotesqueries of Justice Clarence Thomas gets reviewed and ripped more by host than guest.

Show Troubadour Dave Gunders contributes his wonderful song, Time to Plant Everything, signaling new spinoff podcast, Craig’s Colorado Corner with Speaker Terrance Carroll and Colorado Sun columnist Mario Nicolais. (Ep 162) coming subscribers’ way at 8 a.m. Monday, Colorado time.

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