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Episode 167 - Tom Asbury (GWHS Hall of Fame Special)

Tom Asbury was one of the greatest basketball players in the history of George Washington High School, which also produced GW HOF member Chauncey Billups. But Billups can’t match Asbury yet as a coach, given Asbury’s 238 NCAA coaching wins.

Basketball fans will like this show but it is so much more. We talk about Denver and GW back in the 1960s and how our high school dominated Colorado from its birth in 1960. We talk about s race relations then and now. Learn how college sports have changed.

George Washington High School is a microcosm of the world – right there at Leetsdale and Monaco Parkway in Denver. Education is a key in society. So are race relations. So is competition. We had all that at GW. And they still do – or so we hope.

Tom Asbury was a gifted athlete and a natural born leader of people. We talk about other great coaches like John Wooden who he got to know during Asbury’s decades as Pepperdine’s head coach. Find out why Coach Asbury now lives in Tucson and how he loved GW.

We remember GW head basketball coach Bill Weimer who was fantastic at East and then GEORGE. We discuss Coach Bobby Knight, and objecting too much and going too far. And then the show becomes a bit political and the limits of what head coaches can say are discussed.

Sam Silverman, age 20, knew just what to say while introducing his father, the show host, at his GW Hall of Fame induction assembly on 9/1/23 at GWHS. Sound of acceptance speech here. It was an event to remember forever and recorded here with video to follow.

Dave Gunders supplies usual great conversation, this week from the East Coast where he’s tending to Henry Gunders, our Troubadour’s dad, age 99. Gunders’ sweet song, Moonrise Western Sky, pays tribute to the orb that fascinates us like a father.

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