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Episode 169 Craig’s Colorado Corner with Marty Lenz and Jordan Hedberg

Colorado’s hot fresh panel show welcomes the star of Denver’s 850 KOA Morning News, Marty Lenz, and we get to hear a fascinating side of this important Colorado broadcaster. Lenz demonstrates his deep knowledge of football and keeping religion out of politics.

So does erudite publisher of the Wet Mountain Tribune, Jordan Hedberg, previously featured on Episode 113. Jordan battles the forces of MAGA in rural Custer County where White Christian Nationalism runs deep.

Lenz (a receiver) and Hedberg (a lineman) played college football, and hot takes on Broncos loss and Buffs wins provided. Is Deion Sanders gonna win it all and save us from White Christian Nationalism and MAGA? Is Shedeur Sanders now the best quarterback in Colorado, Russell Wilson included? Fun football discussion ensues with no punches pulled.

Politics and the MAGA insurrection cases get the panel's full attention. We discuss Kyle Clark’s brave interview with Able Shephard’s Jimmy Graham. Advisability of new Denver District Court case of Anderson v Griswold considered. Will the 14th Amendment actually DQ Trump?

How should MAGA news be covered in Colorado? Listen to Marty Lenz, outspoken and unplugged here, representing Colorado’s most famous radio station. Jordan knows about community papers and he fights for truth in rural Colorado. This trio engages in fascinating conversation. Give a listen. Subscribe. Share. Enjoy.

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