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Episode 170 Larry Ryckman from Colorado Sun and Rich Kaudy, Esq.

Special show welcomes Rosh Hashanah 5784 with great guests, sound and music. Omnipresent threats from our quadra-indicted former president affect the fair administration of justice. Trump is a fundamental threat to peace and democracy in the USA.

Special Counsel Jack Smith has reacted with a strong motion to Judge Chutkan. In Tanya we trust to write a narrowly tailored gag order which 45 will no doubt violate. Push is coming to shove, and we evaluate what comes next.

We have the latest Trump response via the awful laughing jackal Clarence Thomas clerk, Laura Ingraham on Fox News. We also play and analyze the sound of the former president further incriminating himself with Megyn Kelly. Jack Smith now doing what the host advised in his Colorado Sun column.

Speaking of the Colorado Sun, our Centennial State’s finest news outlet, we get a great visit from founder and head honcho Larry Ryckman. Larry was a tremendous Associated Press reporter for decades and then was at the Denver Post when a democracy-killing hedge fund pulled the rug out.

Five years ago, the Colorado Sun was born and it has been a huge success. Now, there is a celebration on September 29, 2023 at the Tivoli and everybody is invited. Buy some Sun merch and a subscription too. Host will be there and so will Colorado’s Governor and two US Senators.

Rich Kaudy, Esq. was an AP award-winning journalist in his Montana youth. But then, he came to Colorado for law school and over 40 years of outstanding law practice. Kaudy was a renowned civil defense lawyer, and a past president of the Colorado Defense Lawyers Association. Now, his practice has evolved.

Kaudy gets welcomed into the special Act Five Attorneys’ Inner Sanctum section of Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge (still under construction). Barristers in their fifth decade of practice tend to speak out. Kaudy does not disappoint as he lets loose against MAGA. He has faith in the jury system and we shall see if a jury ever sees a Trump criminal trial.

Troubadour Dave Gunders delights with his song, New Last Chance, which is so appropriate for Rosh Hashanah when the world has its birthday, and pledges for better behavior are made. Great discussion ensues including Trish Silverman’s brisket. We discuss Jewish traditions!

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