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Episode 171 Jane Feldman in Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge L’Affaire Boebert

Lauren Boebert affair at the Buell Theater is thoroughly reviewed. So is the reaction by members of the Colorado and national media. Remember how Boebert went on Caplis Show to unveil bogus October 2022 surprise claiming her opponent had adulterous sex in a storage trailer in Aspen, a claim later discredited. We do.

We’ve got the sound of Caplis’ reacting to the Boebert incident this week where he goes after the media for letting Dems like Polis and Biden get away with worse. The double standard is real and we use sound to show where it actually exists - on conservative media. Kyle Clark is part of this soundbite story.

Listen to Boebert reading a Caplis-approved script and flubbing it badly. Abortion opposition is a prop for BoBo and many of her fellow travelers, but it works to get some people on her side. And that’s all it takes.

On the eve of Yom Kippur, and G-d knows what else, we bring you both a spiritual and prosecution oriented show. Being Jewish may seem obvious if your name is Feldman, but there’s always a little more to the story. The Feldmans were connected to the upper echelon of Manhattan politics.

Jane Feldman’s father was a prominent NYC attorney close to the famous Morgenthaus, the most prominent Jewish family in American politics for years. We do a lot of name-dropping, including Kennedys, Roosevelts, and celebrities Jane Feldman knew growing up in NY. Jane went on to be a prosecutor for the NYC DA’s Office where she served 8+ years.

Jane Feldman also worked as Assistant AG in Colorado. She’s in her fifth decade of legal practice now, meaning she enters the INNER SANCTUM reserved for Craig’s Act Five Attorneys, now in their fifth decade of practice. Such lawyers are fearless and opinionated. Jane comes through.

An outspoken MAGA critic, Jane is known by Congressman Joe Neguse and others as a great sharp-tongued, fact-checker of MAGA on social media. Feldman calls out conservative disinformation, and stands up against Jew haters. We talk about MAGA and bigotry – and how best to react as lawyers.

We analyze the various Trump trials and tribulations. This drama has many NYC components such as Trump and Rudy Giuliani. Go behind the scenes with this NYC connected guest with sharp analytical and prosecutorial skills. Jane Feldman is wise.

Show Troubadour Dave Gunders is great contemplating the big issues that go with Yom Kippur. It is the day Jews confront their mortality. Gunders does that straight on with his amazing song titled, When I Die. Is it metaphorical or literal when he says he wants to be laid down in the muddy water of the Mississippi?

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