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Episode 175 - Craig's Colorado Corner - Ken Toltz (Israel) & John Jackson (Ukraine)

War time edition. John Jackson is so close to front lines in Ukraine that you can feel it in his voice. Ken Toltz is absorbing in shock what has happened to his new homeland of Israel.

Our foreign correspondents are battling pure evil in the form of Russia, Iran and Hamas. This Colorado panel gives you a feel for the war’s impact on the ground. Learn more about Ken on Eps. 95 and 146. Learn about John Jackson on Ep. 157.

These two men show courage now under fire as we contemplate the barbarism of Hamas and the appropriate responses. We discuss the impact of American politics and how Israel is reacting to this catastrophe that caught the Jewish State flat-footed.

This is a wide ranging discussion with two brilliant men caught in history’s headlights. We all are different now. This show explores how with great conversation and realistic assessments of this world’s new challenges.

This is Colorado’s best panel show exploring the implications of our politics on our lives and welfare. The people of Israel are hurting and we stand by them as does President Volodomir Zelenskyy and President Joe Biden.

Israel v Hamas; Israel must win and Hamas must lose.

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