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Episode 177 – Vic Mitchell (from Israel) and Denver Rabbi Steven Foster

Wartime show delivers an opening monologue explaining the Tokyo Rose (Tehran Pete) characters on Colorado’s radio dial. Peter Boyles says war between Hamas and Israel is “too morally ambiguous” to take sides. We have the sound. Host vehemently disagrees.

Show takes time to salute the criminal law enforcement achievements of NY AG Tish James, Fulton County DA Fani Willis, and Judge Tanya Chutkin. Convictions are being obtained and prospects of justice for Trump, Jenna Ellis, and other Colorado accomplices are improving.

Former Colorado State Representative Victor Mitchell, a top 2018 Republican contender for Governor, joins the podcast again, this time from Israel, where he and his wife have flown to help. Listen to the remarkable back story of this proud Jewish success story. Find out what motivates Vic Mitchell now.

Rabbi Steven Foster has served his entire 53-year rabbinate at Temple Emanuel in Denver, CO until he retired in 2010. He is an accomplished author, and now rabbi emeritus for the congregation and also works as the Jewish chaplain for The Denver Hospice.

Rabbi Foster founded the Temple Emanuel Preschool and Kindergarten, and the Denver Jewish Day School (formerly known as the Theodore Herzl Jewish Day School and Rocky Mountain Hebrew Academy). Additionally, Foster founded a program for interfaith families called Stepping Stones to a Jewish Me. He explains the Foster way of interpreting Jewish law. Bacon mentioned.

Rabbi Foster is a wise leader whose collected works are valued at CU-Boulder. When Colorado passed a law bigoted against gays, Rabbi Foster led the charge to get Amendment Two changed – and he succeeded.

Learn how this learned leader feels about Palestinians and Hamas now. He’s outspoken and honest with a profound knowledge of Judaism. Most of all, Rabbi Foster is an advocate for freedom and all of G-d’s people.

Rabbi Foster asked profound questions at the Memorial Service (Yizkur) portion of the last Yom Kippur service, “Where are we Hashem?” He talks about the role of hope for the Jewish people.

Rabbi Foster knows politics and key political figures. Find out about Senator Bennet’s Jewish background and the histories of Denver’s most famous politicians and rabbis. A Milwaukee native who attended rabbinical school in Cincinnati, Rabbi Foster also has a famous political wife, Senator Joyce Foster.

Host and guest talk about being a Jew, and the way Jew haters killed Denver talk radio host Alan Berg, the Israeli Olympic team in Munich, and recently, the massacre by Hamas against the Jews of Israel on Sabbath/Simchat Torah. Rabbi Foster’s warns of divisions among Jews. And Americans.

Denver’s Temple Emanuel hosted the Colorado memorial for people mourning Hamas’ attacks on Jews, on the post-Hamas massacre Monday night. Find out the history of this oldest Colorado congregation.

Show Troubadour Dave Gunders brings optimism with his sweet song, Love Has a Way. We have to rebuild but it is hard with 230 hostages still missing. We are grateful for the return of hostages Judith and Natalie Ranaan. We explain our bike ride to last Sunday’s pro-Israel rally at State Capitol.

We salute stalwart friend of Israel, President Joe Biden, who made a brave condolence call to Israel, and we play in their entirety his amazing three pro-Israel and anti-Hamas speeches on October 10 (White House), 18 (Israel), and 19 (Oval Office). We ask why MAGA AM radio won’t do the same. We know the sad MAGA answer.

The Craig Silverman Show Every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Colorado time

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