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Episode 179 – CO State Senator Dafna Michaelson Jenet

The Craig Silverman Show presents: Craig’s Colorado Homefront – a special wartime spinoff series featuring influential people discussing the world’s war about Jews and Israel. New realities are contemplated on college campuses, worldwide streets, and in the legislatures of Colorado and the USA.

Representative Ken Buck’s stepping down and host contemplates why, and his possible replacements, including long lost pal George Brauchler. Many talk show hosts are contemplating the GOP run. Before we hear from CO State Senator Dafna Michaelson Jenet, host plays horrifying sound recounting Hamas attack on family of four, according to US SOS Tony Blinken.

Senator Michaelson Jenet was born in Tel Aviv, then raised in Cincinnati, and has risen now to represent Senate District 21 (Adams and Arapahoe County) in the Colorado Statehouse. She’s got skills organizing, and working with, all sorts of people. A proud Jew, she contemplates our altered planet now that Hamas has attacked Israel. And some in the world, such as Putin, support Hamas.

Hear the Senator’s reaction to new US House Speaker Michael Johnson, an apparent supporter of Israel. Learn the behind the scenes way the Tim Hernandez controversy was handled by Senator Michaelson Jenet, and why. She’s outspoken and smart. We discuss what media should report. And not. Hard truths need to be told.

The horrible response to Hamas by CU-Boulder’s Ethnic Studies Department is reviewed. So is the old case of disgraced former CU Professor Ward Churchill who long ago twisted Israelis into so-called Nazis committing atrocities against children. The sad Jew-hating actions and rhetoric of Elon Musk gets harshly critiqued. X has gone to Hell.

We discuss Dafna Michaelson Jenet’s controversial X post about personally fearing violence at the hands of Hames. It is a common fear now for Jews. And perhaps others. Hamas is a vicious Jew hating mindset that can run wild. We talk about how best to stop it on Craig’s Colorado Homefront. We also talk about the need for mental health, and the ADL. Thanks for being part of our community.

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