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Episode 184 - Rep. Ron Weinberg

Yaron (Ron) Weinberg is native South African, with an Israeli father, plays rugby, runs a technology business, wears three piece suits, represents Loveland, and has the Jewish chutzpah to stand up to the awful Colorado State Rep. Elizabeth Epps when she made awful accusations against Israel.

Colorado’s GOP has a new sensation, as you will hear, in this interview with HD-51’s Colorado State Representative Ron Weinberg (R-Loveland). This newcomer brought Republicans and Democrats together to condemn outrageous behavior by the far Left.

Learn how this political newcomer Weinberg came to Loveland, Colorado seven years ago and decided he needed to get involved. He did not want to be chased away by crime and taxes as had happened in his native South Africa and subsequent home in LA, CA.

We discuss the Jewish diaspora in South Africa and fact Weinberg’s Dad served in the IDF. Now an IT pro, who is raising two children with his wife in beautiful northern Colorado, Weinberg describes in detail the disruptive Special Session just concluded.

Certain Dems, and especially Rep. Epps chose to support disruption of the session with statements against Israel. Learn how the Dem leadership let Weinberg have his good chance to respond at the end of session to the incendiary and dangerous charges made by Rep. Epps.

Bipartisanship worked when supportive Dems and GOP colleagues when Epps heckled from the cheap seats. Hear it described for the first time. Weinberg is a leader to a new movement towards unity. He’s not tainted by historic bias, and learned he’s got Dem friends.

Rep. Weinberg confirms he’s running for his first full term in HD51, following his vacancy appointment. Size him up as he discusses his background, values and legislative hopes. Learn about Weinberg’s negative encounters with Rep. Tim Hernandez.

Because media matters, George Brauchler interviewed Rep Weinberg a week ago, and left some misimpressions, in hopes of sewing political discord. Some politicians seek to divide, but this is a come together moment. Brauchler wonders where are righteous Dems condemning anti-semites and we’ve got sound from Ron Weinberg.

We also have sound from US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer who spoke about the five-alarm fire all Jews feel in current circumstances. He calls out the Far Left, just like Dems in Colorado did in support of Rep. Weinberg.

Show Troubadour Dave Gunders brings us his righteous island song called Rather be Right which contemplates serious verbal disputes that can lead to rage. It is not always good to back down. Listen to conversation about Hamas violating Ceasefire without releasing all hostages. We consider Israel’s response.

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